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What is the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program?

What is the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program?

The BC PNP is for professionals in the medical field who want to come to the province, including graduates and skilled workers. Vancouver, the third-largest city in Canada, is located in British Columbia, the country's most western province. The province's economy is dependent on a robust sector of mining and forestry-related natural resources.

Within the Provincial Nominee Program, there are three possibilities if you want to immigrate to British Columbia:

- Express Entry British Columbia Stream 

- Entrepreneur Immigration 

- Skills Immigration Stream

Immigration Streams with Skills

For skilled employees, healthcare professionals, international graduates, postgraduates, and semi-skilled workers, there are numerous categories within the Skills Immigration Stream. These groups consist of:

- The skilled worker category is for people who have been given a job offer in a skilled occupation that qualifies.

- Healthcare Professional Group: Those who have experience and legitimate job offers as doctors, nurses, or other allied health professionals fall under this category. There are 11 health-related professions that qualify.

- International Graduate Category: This category is for people who have received a job offer from a BC business and have just graduated from an eligible Canadian institution or college.

- Individuals who have completed a master’s or Doctorate program in the natural, applied, or health sciences from an accredited educational institution in British Columbia are eligible for the international postgraduate category. Under this category, no job offer is necessary.

- Workers in entry-level or semi-skilled positions in the tourist, hospitality, food processing, or long-haul trucking industries fall under this group. People may also be qualified if they reside and work in British Columbia's Northeast Development Region and hold entry-level or semi-skilled jobs.

British Columbia Express Entry

The Express Entry immigration system operated by the federal government, which handles applications for permanent residents, is aligned with Express Entry BC. "Enhanced streams" are PNP streams that also use the Express Entry system. Express Entry assigns immigration applicants a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which takes into account a number of variables, including their age, education level, employment history, and language proficiency. The top-scoring applicants are invited to submit an application for permanent residence. An additional 600 CRS points are provided to Express Entry candidates who receive a provincial nomination from British Columbia, effectively ensuring an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in the next express entry draw.

Through Express Entry British Columbia, the following immigration categories for skilled workers may be processed:

- Health Care Professional Category - Skilled Worker Category

- Graduate International Category

- Post-Graduate International Category

Business Immigration

There are three ways for entrepreneurs to come to British Columbia:

- Senior managers or business owners who intend to invest in a prospective enterprise in British Columbia fall under the Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category.

- Regional Pilot for Entrepreneur Immigration: this category is for foreign businesspeople who want to open a new operation in a British Columbian small town.

- Strategic Projects Category: This category permits businesses with foreign ownership to establish operations in British Columbia. The province will accept nominations for up to five senior administrative, professional, or technical staff employees to live there permanently. It's critical to select the stream based on your own circumstances. You can select the stream that is ideal for you with the assistance of an accomplished immigration lawyer. 

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