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What is on the Canadian Citizenship test?

What is on the Canadian Citizenship test?

What will be tested

The exam reveals your knowledge of Canada. There is a quiz on 20 topics related to Canadians

rights and obligations, including:

- history

- geography

- economy

- government

- laws

- symbols

The official citizenship study guide serves as the foundation for our test questions. The Rights

and Responsibilities of Citizenship in Canada. The citizenship test is not used to evaluate your

proficiency in either French or English.

Prepare for the test

The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, our official study manual. The test preparation

process can begin at any time. The official study manual is never charged. There are several

formats for the manual. You may decide to:

- Observe it online

- check out the MP3 version

- Order a paper copy of the study guide or download the PDF.

Schedule your test and interview.

Several weeks after we send you the acknowledgment of receipt (AOR) letter, you can receive

an invitation to take the citizenship test. We; ll give you a notice with the date, time, and place of

the exam one to two weeks before.

You may either:

Use the online web form, email, or write to the regional office that sent you the notice.

Typically, we; ll reschedule your appointment once we receive your email or letter. If you

provide us with your email address, we' ll notify you through email; otherwise, we; ll mail you a


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