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What happens if the express entry profile changes after I receive my ITA?

What happens if the express entry profile changes after I receive my ITA?

After getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR, a candidate's Express Entry profile and consequently their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score can occasionally alter. If this occurs, they must make sure they maintain their PR eligibility up until the point at which their electronic Application for Permanent Residence (PR) has been submitted.

The Canadian federal government uses a system called Express Entry to coordinate the management of immigration applications from three programs: the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), the Federal Experience Class (CEC), and the Federal Skills Trade Program (FSTP). Canada intends to accept at least 82,000 new immigrants through the Express Entry system each year over the next three years, according to its Immigration Levels Plan for 2023–2025.

Candidates must enter the pool and upload their profile to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website in order to be admitted to Canada through Express Entry. They now have to hold off till they get an ITA. Without an ITA, a PR application cannot be submitted. The eAPR deadline for every ITA recipient is 60 days. Even yet, a typical query among applicants for Express Entry is "what happens if my Express Entry profile changes after I receive my ITA?"

The information that follows will respond to the aforementioned query and offer further suggestions for ensuring a seamless Express Entry immigration application procedure. For instance, before submitting their eAPR, a candidate might acquire an ITA and then alter their job or educational path, get married, celebrate a birthday, or have their language test results expire. Maintaining an accurate profile with up-to-date information is crucial if your profile changes for whatever reason. This is due to the fact that "false information [or the omission of] important details" is a reason for the Immigration and Refugee Protection and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to reject immigration petitions, find applicants inadmissible to Canada, and/or completely bar applicants from applying to come to Canada for up to five years.

Candidates applying to any of the three programs run by Express Entry can use the following advice to avoid the repercussions of providing erroneous or misleading profile information. In essence, candidates are free to make modifications to their Express Entry profile before receiving an ITA. Once an ITA is given, however, this is no longer allowed because this is the point at which candidates' profiles are formally entered into the Global Case Management System (GCMS).

As a result, candidates at this moment must choose between:

- In order to confirm the change in circumstances (marriage, career shift, etc.) and maintain the accuracy of your profile, upload any extra supporting documents.

- When assembling the necessary supporting papers is not possible, send a letter of explanation (LOE) to the government.

- An LOE enables applicants to describe how, despite their best efforts, they were unable to compile the necessary documentation within the allotted 60 days (before their ITA expired).

Changes to a candidate's profile and their effect on their CRS score

A candidate's CRS score may vary as a result of post-ITA profile modifications, which may have an impact on that candidate's prospects of earning an ITA in a future Express Entry lottery. Based on several profile components, a candidate's CRS score may change in a variety of ways, either positively or negatively. For instance, people who receive a legitimate job offer or raise their profile's points total for their language test results, education, and relevant work experience will increase their chances of being asked to submit an application for Canadian permanent residence.

Profile modifications and eligibility for permanent residency in Canada

Certain profile changes, including those that take place after receiving an ITA, may render candidates who were previously eligible no longer qualify for permanent residence. A candidate's Express Entry profile is not locked until they send an eAPR to IRCC, thus this is crucial to note once more. Results of language tests, for instance, are valid for two years. A candidate would lose their right to permanent residence in this nation if the two-year window closed before filing an eAPR. The same would apply if a candidate no longer satisfies the IRCC's income standards for proof of funds, which "are altered every year based on 50% of the low-income cut-off totals."

Managing changes to profiles and related processing delays

It goes without saying that IRCC will need some time to reevaluate a candidate's eligibility and suitability for permanent residence in Canada through Express Entry if their profile changes at any point. The processing period for a candidate's PR application may therefore increase as a result of post-ITA profile adjustments. In order to reduce potential application processing delays, it is essential that Express Entry candidates make every effort to submit necessary paperwork and profile updates on time.

Reducing the detrimental effects of profile changes

After getting an ITA, managing profile modifications requires fast information updates and, whenever possible, proactive communication with immigration officials. In other words, if a circumstance arises where a potential immigrant can anticipate a change to their profile that necessitates speaking with Canadian immigration officials, they should use every effort to alert the appropriate authorities of the imminent change as soon as feasible.

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