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Travel restrictions Canada

Travel restrictions Canada

 To enter Canada, the travellers need to demonstrate a negative PCR test if travelling by air.

The test should be within 72 hours of departure flight no later than that.

After arriving in Canada, passengers further need to give a test of COVID-19 and are required to quarantine themselves in a hotel that has been designated by the government for such purposes till the time the passengers receives the result of the quarantine period.

The Health care agency of Public in Canada advised adding on certain more screening measures that specifically apply to the passengers arriving from Brazil.  

This is because traces of the Brazilian coronavirus variant have been reported on the country’s soil. 

This variant, namely P.1 has been spread particularly in Western Canada.

As India recorded more than 300,000 fresh cases of COVID-19 in the country, U.K kept the country on its red list and had banned most of the travel from India, to slow the spread of the pandemic.

The first sort of Indian variant i.e, B.1.617 had been notified in the Quebec province recently.

All the air Travellers, including citizens of Canada who wish to return to Canada, will be allowed to do so because they have to book a room in a government-approved hotel to make themselves quarantine for three nights at their own cost.

The cost for doing such is nearly 2000 Canadian dollars for each person. The CSA will update more information on travel restrictions associated to enter Canada.

If you are travelling by air, you need to do the following before you arrive:

A quarantine plan has to be planned in advance

A pre-entry COVID test has to be completed

A three-night stay in a government-approved hotel has to be booked

arrive application has to be downloaded to submit all your travel and quarantine plans

A booking has to be done for the test before travelling

Arrive Can Before checking in at the airport or crossing the border of the country, you need to use the Arrive CAN application.

The below mentioned things you are to submit after downloading the application:

Contact and travel information

Your quarantine plan

Self-assessment of COVID-19 symptoms.


Due to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, for a period of nearly a month, Canada has suspended all the flights that were to come from India and Pakistan within this stipulated time. 

Moreover, this might change with a little warning.

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