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Top 5 work visa consultants in Chandigarh

Top 5 work visa consultants in Chandigarh

For all candidates who want to travel, study, or even need assistance from immigration consultants abroad, it is becoming a difficult proposition due to the strict and constantly changing visa regulations. Some of these best work visa consultants in Chandigarh may have the solutions to all of your problems. They are everywhere in the town, and picking the trustworthy ones can be a very difficult process.

One must make sure that the chosen consultant is sufficiently aware about the current regulations, the application procedure, the length of time required for each stage, and the documentation needed, among other things. A reliable Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh will also help with post-visa requirements including travel and lodging.

If there existed a reference list where you could find best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh along with their contact information, reviews, and ratings, it would have been much easier to find those who could guarantee you the required outcomes. These evaluations are based on comments from clients who have benefited from their services. These work visa consultants in Chandigarh hare evaluated based on:
1. Infrastructure
2. Concentrated nations Expertise
3. Visa Fees
4. Professionalism and customer service.
5. The attorneys and filing officers who are working with them, as well as their qualifications, etc.

The greatest information on top work visa consultants in Chandigarh, educational consulting, guidance on educational loans, visa services, post-study work / PR visas, admission counseling, etc.

Can be found here.We have examined a large number of immigration consultants in Chandigarh and have identified the top few here. Although you may have additional consultants on your list, we suggest you give these people priority.


One of the top immigration consultants in Mohali and Chandigarh for Study Visa and Immigration Consultancy is Spearhead. The head office is run by Mr. Abhishek  Bhaker, who has been given permission to conduct the consultancy business (License number. 252/IC), and is situated at S.C.F. 123, Phase 3B2, Mohair (above Domino's). He has a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of California, to mention his educational background.

Experienced visa counselors, a SOP writer, and a visa filing officer make up Spearhead's team. They are all experts in offering top-notch counseling and filing services for tourist visas, study visas, and cases for permanent residency.

After carefully analyzing each student's profile, they provide guidance and offer choices. The Counselors are knowledgeable with current policies, guidelines, and laws in nations including Canada, New Zealand, the United States, and Australia.

Additionally, during the past few years, this institution's visa success rate has increased to an amazing percentage of 95% for SDS and 80% for Non- SDS. Over the years, Spearhead has increasingly become more well-known.
USPs: The following list is provided for study visas:

Documentation is the most important component of every visa application. The following is a list of several crucial profile evaluation, filing, and resultant factors:

- Analyzing the student's profile, which includes a determination of their financial situation and educational background.

- After examining the student's profile, creating a list of colleges and universities.

- Supervising every part of the Visa and Immigration Service to guarantee that everything goes according to plan.

- Composing the most effective and reliable Statement of Purpose for Study Visa

There are partnerships with the best colleges and universities in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. There are also possibilities for zero application fees and conditional offer letters (without IELTS).

Keeping the students informed of the status of their application; current information regarding any modifications to the visa requirements of particular nations

For a tourist visa or a residency visa:

Fair and straightforward consultation; preparation of the list of required documentation;

- maintenance of a cordial relationship with the client;

- thorough profile evaluation (free of charge) and points calculation;

- drafting of the cover letter for visitor visas specifying the purpose of the visit;

- discussion of the various options for international emigration; and Express Entry filing on behalf of the candidate; comparison of PNP criteria by state;
- availability of affordable payment options (in installments)


Over the years, TBIL has earned a reputation as one of best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh. due to its transparency and excellent track record of helping many people accomplish their overseas ambition, whether it be for immigration, education, or PR.

The team is made up of people with years of expertise who are familiar with the constantly evolving immigration laws and regulations.

Their initial free consulting services help them to comprehend the needs of the client before outlining all crucial procedural parameters, such as costs, specifications, and approval times.

One of the best things about TBIL is that they have a reputation for treating each case with care and giving their clients the direction, they need to be successful in obtaining visas.

Additionally, the student receives mail updates on the procedure. Additionally, TBIL provides a mechanism for the applicant to follow their application whenever they need to and offers reasonable refund choices in the event that their file is not accepted.

The institute offers the best migration services in the area and is recognized as a top immigration expert in Chandigarh. Candidates are given the fundamental skills necessary by TBIL to succeed in both immigration and student visa interview panels. When it comes to the services it provides, TBIL is unquestionably considerably superior.

IELTS coaching in all four skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—as well as public speaking and seminar presentations, expert career counseling and guidance on aptitude tests, university & course selection application to universities, country selection, and abroad placement are among the services offered by TBIL. Consultancy & Assistance for Permanent Residency.

CHANDIGARH: Sector-17 D, Near the Fountain, Third Floor, SCO 73-75, Above Hot Millions, Chandigarh 160017 Call us at 080808 01535
MOHALI: Near Domino's and Touchstone, SCF 121, 2nd Floor Phase 3B2, Above Karnataka Bank Mohali, Punjab 160062

3. Avenues Abroad

A reputable immigration consulting business with headquarters in Chandigarh is Avenues Abroad. It makes an effort to give parents and students excellent expert assistance.

It makes an effort to give parents and students excellent expert assistance. Its primary commercial activities include giving students the finest career advice, helping them choose a nation, and processing their visa applications.

It also specializes in offering migration services to nations like Australia and Canada. Additionally, it offers instruction that is focused on achieving results for IELTS/PTE preparation.

One of the best Work visa consultants in Chandigarh's Avenues Abroad. The consultancy has a solid reputation as a reliable name in the immigration industry.

Its primary business is helping those who want to immigrate to places like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand find complete immigration solutions. aims to give candidates the greatest immigration guidance by counseling each one individually based on his or her preferred nation.

 Then, consultants put together a comprehensive professional portfolio that covers all the requirements for completing an immigration application, including submitting the required credentials and taking the required proficiency tests, like the IELTS.

The best job advise comes from consultants, who also help clients with processing and VISA applications. Avenues Abroad offers instruction for the IELTS/PTE exam in addition to immigration services.

Avenues Abroad is among the top immigration consultants in Chandigarh since it helps candidates become ready for life abroad. Most immigration consultants only support candidates while waiting for their visa to be approved.

However, the consultancy sticks by you all the way through, even if it means making travel or lodging arrangements for you in the destination country.

To put it another way, the consulting makes sure that all application processes are handled carefully. It becomes really necessary to contact a trustworthy advisor like Avenues Abroad.

Our group of devoted and knowledgeable experts guarantees a seamless entry into your final location. Our professional consultants will explain how to complete the overseas immigration procedure, no matter what country you have chosen to immigrate to.

In their interactions with clients, consulates, and immigration regulatory agencies, our immigration consultants uphold complete transparency.

Services: PR, IELTS, PTE, visitor visas, student visas
Address: Sector 35, SCO 495-96, Chandigarh, 160035


Lt. Col. B. S. Sandhu formed the WWICS Group of Companies, one of Chandigarh's top immigration consultancies, in 1993. (Retd.).
In the areas of relocation, education, real estate, hospitality, sports, and healthcare, the company offers advisory services.

The company's global headquarters are in Dubai, and it also has offices in Toronto, Australia, Sydney, Sharjah, Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Qatar, Nairobi, Al Karama, Morocco, and Abu Dhabi in the Middle East. The company's Asian headquarters are located in Mohali, Punjab, India.

Over the years, WWICS has become one of the nation's immigration consultancies with the fastest growth rates. Consultants are qualified and are one of the experienced lots in the industry.

Its reputation as Chandigarh's top immigration consultancy stems from its commitment to delivering an unbiased assessment of your case. We have helped several aspirants fulfil their immigration aspirations to nations like (AUS/NZ/CAN/US/UK/SG/EU).

We continue to work toward fulfilling other people's aspirations with the singular goal of establishing long-term relationships with our clientele.
Immigration, student visa, and study abroad consultants are available.
Address: Industrial Area, Phase 6, Building A-12, Mohali, 160055

5. Swis Immigration

The founder of Swis Immigration Services and a member of RCIC, AJ Sandhu, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating, running, and administering immigration programmers in Canada. Being the ideal immigration advisor, he offers Canadians any and all immigration services.

Worldwide, the Swis Immigration team offers immigration services to Canada. The evaluation of immigration is being done carefully here.

We offer services to Canadians who want to bring their friends and families to the country. We also help businesses of all sizes with bringing temporary foreign workers and business partners under the Business Immigration Program.

The Swis team of Canadian immigration and business experts handle all aspects of preparing applications for skilled permanent residency, including businesses and temporary employment permanent applications, and they offer experiences and expert guidance at every level of the procedure.

Mission is to consistently surpass the expectations of our dependable clients and to provide a first-class, individualized advice service that is easy to use and helps clients and their families gain strength.Vision is to be widely recognized as a leading consulting firm that provides customers with competent advice to assist them and their families in every aspect of becoming global citizens.

Key principles

To support our ongoing development and growth, we establish our value system on a solid foundation of Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, Collaboration, and Accountability.

Our Objectives: To provide comprehensive, up-to-date services; to offer a wide range of services that are suited for people of all ages, backgrounds, experiences, interests, and special needs.

- To make our dependable services available to as many people as we can through our practical locations around the world.

The RCIC-certified, courteous, and competent staff assists you with any questions or issues you may have regarding Canadian immigration and citizenship regulations and offers advice for the best application outcomes.

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