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The traits of Canada’s most successful immigrants

The traits of Canada’s most successful immigrants

According to Statistics Canada, characteristics that affected immigrants' salaries in Canada included age, education, prior Canadian work experience, and English or French language ability. The report "Immigration Selection Factors and the Earnings of Principal Applicants" was just issued by Statistics Canada.

The study was an update of the 2015 inquiry that served as a blueprint for the creation of Express Entry's Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which is the primary method used by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to evaluate skilled foreign workers (IRCC).

The study examined the features of applicants (at the time of landing) that were the most predictive of earnings in Canada for the short (one to two years), medium (five to ten years), and long (more than ten years) terms.

The main characteristics assessed at landing were:

- Years of Canadian employment experience prior to arrival (in comparison to individuals with no experience);

- English or French linguistic proficiency (native speakers versus less proficient);

- Age: 50–54 years old against 25–29 years old; and

- Education (secondary school vs. bachelor's degree);

What factors affect immigrants' short-term earnings in Canada?

The study found that the following were the primary variables that affected immigrants' short-term earnings:

- the best predictor of wages in the first one to two years after immigration was pre-landing Canadian job experience; each additional year of Canadian work experience was associated with an 84% rise in earnings;

- Language proficiency: People who spoke English as their mother language but did not speak French or Spanish earned 29% less than those who did.

- According to studies, those with a bachelor's degree (15 years of education) made 12–24% more money in the short run.

What factors affect immigrants' medium-term incomes in Canada?

According to the study's findings, the following factors affected medium-term earnings:

- Pre-landing Canadian employment is still the best indicator of earnings five or more years after landing; for every additional year of employment in Canada, incomes increased by 52–59%;

- Language skills, as individuals whose mother tongue was an official language earned 42% more;

- older immigrants earned between 27 and 35 percent less than younger ones due to age, which had a larger association with earnings than in the short term;

- Education; graduates with a bachelor's degree make 14–21% more.

What factors affect immigrants' long-term incomes in Canada?

The study found that the following factors affected immigrants' long-term earnings:

- even after ten years, the most important component, pre-landing Canadian job experience, weakened to a 45% rise for each year of Canadian work experience;

- age of arrival, which showed that younger immigrants earned 44% more than older ones, even 10–11 years after arrival;

- official language proficiency, which resulted in a 35% reduction in earnings for those who were less fluent; and

- Education had a greater impact on earnings, increasing them by 23% for individuals with a bachelor's degree.

To sum up

Immigrants' age at arrival had a negative impact on their years in Canada; their education had a beneficial impact, and their proficiency in an official language and prior Canadian work experience had a positive impact.

Pre-landing profits are the unknown variable. Pre-landing wages were a further factor that Statistics Canada examined for immigrants in the cohort at the time of landing.

Pre-landing earnings had the greatest impact on short-, medium-, and long-term earnings when they were taken into account in the analysis. It was, by a wide margin, the most reliable indicator of immigrant economic success overall.

According to the study's findings, this could be because pre-landing earnings are linked to a variety of criteria, including education, pre-landing work experience, and language proficiency. The study goes on to say that the most significant predictor of an individual's success may be the quality of their prior job experience, particularly their prior Canadian work experience.

What impact does this study have on immigration?

This study is an update of a study that was first published in 2015 and served as the Comprehensive Ranking System's technical manual. The Comprehensive Ranking System is used by IRCC to rank applicants for economic immigration through Express Entry, the federal government's main program for economic immigration.

Candidates should be aware of the findings of this study and the weighting is given to specific immigrant traits when applying through the Express Entry system of programs, which includes the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) (for example the quality of pre-landing Canadian work experience, and age).

Education, proficiency in an official language, and other CRS characteristics are also included in this study; changes to the weights given to these factors by the CRS may be made in light of the findings of this study.

Candidates for skilled workers who qualify for Express Entry may also submit an application for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Another economic immigration scheme is the PNP, which enables qualified workers to be nominated by provinces and territories for immigration to their regions and eventual settlement as permanent residents.

The Enhanced Provincial Nomination, which awards applicants an extra 600 CRS points and all but guarantees them an Invitation to Apply, can also assist candidates to succeed with Express Entry (ITA).

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