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Swis immigration is the best immigration consultant in Jalandhar for Canada PR

Swis immigration is the best immigration consultant in Jalandhar for Canada PR

In India, the rundown of movement specialists is so long, around the huge number of thousands of migration workplaces are accessible.

The migration specialists of Canada administrative chamber (ICCRC) Movement Advisors of Canada Administrative Gathering. 

It is a public administrative body that serves and secures people in general by managing controlled movement and citizenship counselling just as worldwide understudy exhorting experts. 

Settling abroad is still the dream of many people around the world.

Many people have to settle in special countries.

There are many reasons behind this:

A few need a superior future

A few settle due to the fact that their relative has already settled in this country,

Many dreams of realizing their dream of the United States

Many have to settle down because they earn

Money and the rate of immigration to different countries unexpectedly accelerate day by day.

If we are talking about my United States, India, after a long time, the part will speed up a lot and the race will continue anyway.

India has a wide variety of immigration specialists. But when we talk about the big ones, there is no doubt that SWIS IMMIGRATION is the biggest and, within the list of the fifth-largest immigration agency, it is also at the top of this list.

Calculate the SWISS IMMIGRATION success rate so far with approximately 100%.

Out of 10, every 2 people are aware of SWIS immigration, especially in India.

The popularity of this immigration is not only in India or Canada but all over the world due to trust and customer feedback.

In India, Swiss immigration is in Jalandhar Punjab.

Jalandhar is a city known to everyone in the city of NRI. 4,444 people from the Jalandhar area are NRIs and have at some point used the services of one or another Jalandhar-based immigration consultant.

If you are also thinking of going abroad to another country on a student visa or perhaps permanent immigration to Canada, you should contact a good immigration officer in Jalandhar Punjab.

It is therefore increasingly important to find a real, reputable and trusted advisor who can accompany you.

Swiss Immigration Jalandhar offers good advice on visa matters. They are experts in the field with offices throughout Punjab and advice on immigration to Canada, the USA, UK, Australia and many more.

Swis Immigration Jalandhar can help you get a work visa, a study visa, a family visa, a tourist visa and a permanent residence easily and reliably.

Studying abroad is every kid's dream these days. Everyone knows the value of studying abroad. Are you planning to study in Canada, Australia, Great Britain and the United States? Well, it's a good decision. This is the right time to apply for a study visa.

History :

 AJ Sandhu, founder of Swis Immigration Services and also a member of ICCRC, has extensive knowledge and experience in designing, managing and executing immigration programs in Canada.

As the perfect immigration advisor, he offers Canadians all kinds of immigration services. The Swis Immigration Team offers immigration services to Canada all over the world.

This is where the immigration assessment takes place in depth. We serve Canadians who hope to bring their friends and family to Canada. 

We also support small and large companies in the search for temporary foreign workers and partners with the Business Immigration Program.

The Swis team of Canadian business and immigration specialists handles all the preparation of permanent residence permits for professionals, including permanent applications for companies and temporary workers, and provides expertise and expert advice at every stage of the process.

Mr Ajit Pal Singh (Founder & CEO)

He leads the SWIS Immigration Services team. She has been in Canada for more than 10 years. His previous 7 years of business experience provided him with an ideal foundation for solving complex immigration problems.

Before coming to Canada, he studied in England and also worked in Italy and the United States. These experiences gave him a solid understanding and a solid foundation for her business endeavours.

His attention to detail and precision under pressure and his conservative demeanour in complex situations are the hallmarks of his popularity with customers.

His skills, supported by his team of administrative, technical and marketing specialists, set new standards of service in teamwork and consistent methods for building excellent lifelong relationships with the growing customer base.

The Swis Immigration Team provides immigration services to Canada worldwide. This is where the in-depth immigration assessment takes place. We serve Canadians who want to bring their friends and family to Canada, and we also help businesses small and large find temporary foreign workers and business partners with the Business Immigration Program.


To provide a transparent and efficient services network to prospective clients with each team member striving towards this goal. 

Being our valuable clients, you are the utmost important entity in all the Swis Immigration offices. 

Moreover, there's a tireless effort to assist you to achieve what you've got dreamt of in terms of your overseas educational aspirations. 

Therefore, while choosing Swis Immigration, you don't choose the workplace, you prefer to become a useful member of a supportive and compassionate team. 

That's the reason we are always there to assist you. Also, you become a neighbourhood of our team and in this manner your success becomes ours.

That's the rationale we attempt so hard for you to let you succeed in your goals because each achievement builds a robust ladder of achievements which, therefore, helps us all touch the pinnacle of success and reach the sky.

For years, individuals have shown their faith and confidence in our services and we always promise to deliver the best to our valuable clients in the present as well as in future.

Top 8 benefits of Canada PR:

Canada Express Entry


Canada Express Entry was introduced by the federal government in early 2015 to replace the previous criteria

"You will be served in the order you arrive."

Canada Express Entry has been identified as the easiest immigration system to enforce Canadian Permanent Residence (PR).

Canada Express Entry is essentially an Internet system designed to process Canadian immigration applications rather than a separate immigration program.

A web profile is allowed to all candidates who meet the selection criteria.

The Letter of Interest, also known as a Web Profile, is included in one of the 3 Canadian federal immigration programs or a provincial immigration program.

Canada Express Entry Programs

The following are the programs covered by the Express Entry Program:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Canada Experience Class

Streams selected under Nominated Provincial Programs 

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