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Thanks to its top-performing universities, world-class research, and alluring lifestyle, Hong Kong's objective of becoming an international Center for higher education and study in Hong Kong appears to be attainable.

Hong Kong, which has the number one university in Asia according to the 2012 QS University Rankings: Asia and the highest-ranked Asian university overall in the QS World University Rankings (Hong Kong University at 23), is undoubtedly a global leader in higher education.

The caliber doesn't stop with this distinguished pair, by any means. In fact, Hong Kong is home to six universities that are ranked within the top 300 in the 2012–2013 QS World University Rankings, with four of them being among the top 100. Not bad for a city state with seven million inhabitants.

This is supported by Hong Kong's ranking of eighth out of 141 nations in Inseam's Global Innovation Index, which evaluates each nation's capacity for research and innovation.The creation of BCT-100, a medication to treat liver cancer, at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and significant advancements in quantum computing at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are just two examples of the ground-breaking research carried out in Hong Kong (ranked 40).

The University of Hong Kong is also a founding member of Unassertive 21, a global alliance of top research universities devoted to addressing issues of international significance

1. A lively and fun city

Hong Kong was placed #10 on QS's 2019 list of the Best Student Cities for a reason. People go from all over the world to, work,live, study in Hong Kong because of its distinctive fusion of East and West culture and tradition.

You'll never run out of things to do in this city because it moves quickly and never sleeps.The majority of people describe Hong Kong as a "concrete jungle."

But the city also has another side. It is simple to get to amazing locations for outdoor activities on the mainland and on some of the several distant islands thanks to effective public transportation. Want to spend a few days away from the city? Ride a bike, relax on the beach, or climb a mountain.

2. High-quality Education

Five of Hong Kong's 13 universities are listed in the Top 100 universities in the world, and all of them are renowned internationally (QS Rankings 2019).

Bachelor's degrees and postgraduate degrees are offered by universities in Hong Kong, along with research-based programmers and postgraduate courses. In technological and engineering fields, Hong Kong universities frequently rank among the best in the world.English is a widely spoken language in and around the city, and it is used to teach and study in Hong Kong, the majority of university programmers.

3. A Country of Chances

Due to its proximity to China and other Asian markets, Hong Kong is one of the top international financial centers in the world and serves as a hub for businesses and start-ups. Hong Kong is home to 70 of the major banks in the world. You can start building a social and professional network that will help you advance your career by studying in Hong Kong.

4. Access to Scholarships

To help international students pay and study in Hong Kong, the government, post secondary institutions, and other public or private organizations offer a variety of scholarships and awards.

5. Study Mandarin or Cantonese

The official language of Hong Kong is Cantonese, but Mandarin, the language that is used most often in the world, is also frequently used because of the large number of Chinese immigrants who also live, study, and work here. A second language speaks well of you on your resume.

6. Welcoming community

Indian students in particular appear to be doing fairly well for themselves in Hong Kong. Despite being a part of mainland China, it is quickly becoming a major international Center for students looking to study abroad.

The universities have managed to strike a delicate balance between eastern respect for authority and western independence. The locals are friendly and welcome the foreign students with open arms.

7. Easy location to India

Southern China is where Hong Kong is strategically placed. Indian students are little under seven hours away and have access to at least two daily flights to return home, freeing up space for last-minute low-cost flights.

8. Education standards and accreditation

Hong Kong accepts bachelor's degrees earned in India after 15 years. Students can so pursue their Master’s degree immediately in Hong Kong without completing their 16th year or completing any job experience.

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees from accredited international universities (including those from the US, UK, and others) are available in Hong Kong. It's interesting to note that in most circumstances, these degrees will be less expensive than pursuing them in the relevant countries.

9. Open trading opportunities

This is a huge benefit for students who want to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Hong Kong is a strong supporter of free and open trade and was a founding member of the World Trade Organization.

No tariffs are applied to the import or export of goods in Hong Kong. Additionally, import and export licensing is minimized. Only when there is a legitimate requirement to fulfill commitments made by Hong Kong to its trading partners or to address concerns related to public health, safety, or internal security is licensing enforced.

10. Amazing part-time job opportunities

The additional benefit of studying in Hong Kong is that, despite the low cost of tuition, students are still allowed to work up to 20 hours per week of part-time on-campus employment. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on working throughout the summer months.

Hong Kong’s eight Government Funded Universities:

1. University of Hong Kong
2. City University of Hong Kong
3. Hong Kong Baptist University
4. Lingnan University
5. Chinese University of Hong Kong
6. Hong Kong Institute of Education
7. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
8. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

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