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Student Visa: Requirements, the application process

Student Visa: Requirements, the application process

The United Arab Emirates, one of the most popular travel locations in the Middle East, is now providing competitors from across the world with new opportunities for professional education progress. UAE is a land of chances for students looking to study abroad and Study in Dubai as well as a thrill for those who are intrepid visitors.

The city brilliantly combines the aspects of both thanks to its prime location in the middle of the east and west. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with living in a city that has been named one of the safest in the world, those choosing Dubai as a study location will gain from its excellent living standards and abundance of options.

The Dubai study visa can be obtained in the UAE either by UAE residents sponsoring their children or by one of the accredited universities or institutions. The Dubai student visa is the first and most important prerequisite before entering the UAE. By outlining the requirements for a Student Residence Visa in this post, along with the costs and other prerequisites, we hope to be able to assist our readers.

Dubai Study Visa for Residency

The visa is the first and most important prerequisite before entering the UAE. By outlining the requirements for a Dubai Student visa in this post, along with the costs and other prerequisites, we hope to be able to assist our readers.

Documents, Conditions, and Limitations

- During the course of study, Dubai student visas must be renewed annually; they typically last for about a year. The many documents needed for the visa are listed below:

- A passport must have at least six months of remaining validity and two vacant visa pages, one for endorsing the visa and the other for entrance stamps.

- About 4 copies of passports

- Around 12 pictures

- 2 copies of passports

- Upon arrival, you must present three copies of your passport and a visa for the United Arab Emirates.

- An offer letter confirming a candidate's admission to a university in the United Arab Emirates

- Bank statements that serve as evidence of funds in the United Arab Emirates

- Sponsor of visas (the university itself or a parent or relative)

- The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs' approval (GDRFA).

- If an applicant chooses to live on campus, they may need to provide a tenancy agreement or a letter from the school.

- A copy of the program's current study year's tuition fee receipt

- Those who choose a post-graduate program must certify their undergraduate degree.

- A copy of the program's current study year's visa fee receipt

- In order to ensure that applicants from particular nations won't represent a threat to UAE security, applicants from certain countries might be forced to undergo a security check.

- Candidates must typically undergo a medical examination at a licensed UAE medical facility (allow AED 350-500). A medical exam and a chest X-ray are typically part of the test for:


- Hepatitis B

- Hepatitis C

– Tuberculosis (TB)

- Leprosy

- syphilis

With the exception of syphilis, which is treated, the candidate is deported if the results of any of these tests are positive. However, for the most recent information in this regard, students are advised to contact the UAE Immigration Department or the UAE Ministry of Health.

Dubai Study Visa Fees

The cost of a student visa varies greatly amongst universities, colleges, and other organizations. For a yearlong student residency visa, the cost may range from 1000 to 3000 AED. A refundable visa payment of between 2000 and 3000 AED may also be requested by a handful of universities, colleges, and institutions. Annual renewal fees range from 1000 to 3000 AED.

Whether or not the university is situated in a UAE education-free zone like Dubai Academic City or Knowledge Village may also affect how the students are affected. For the management of a Dubai study visa, some colleges or organizations may charge an administrative fee. This amount is frequently included by colleges in their administrative costs when calculating tuition. Others must pay this sum at the time of registration.

The students are advised to contact the university, college, or institute for the most recent changes.

Visa Expiration

If a student spends six months outside of the United Arab Emirates, their student residence visa expires. After then, students are not allowed to enter the UAE until their visa is terminated. In this situation, the sponsor will often notify the immigration authorities of the visa holder.

Once all necessary documentation has been submitted, processing visas typically takes 2 to 5 weeks. Express visa processing takes one to three weeks. Normal visa cancellation takes 1-3 weeks, but fast cancellation just takes 1-2 weeks.

The Dubai Visa Application Process

The thorough steps one should take when applying for a visa are listed below:

- Make sure your motive for visiting is clear before applying for a visa.

- Fill out the application for a visa and attach a photo.

- Photos must adhere to the necessary requirements.

- Add all necessary supporting documents in accordance with the checklist. Make sure your application is complete. Applications that are incomplete won't be accepted.

- Send your application and the necessary cash costs to the Dubai Visa Application Center.

- Once the visa has been granted, the PNR will be updated, and the applicant may pick up a copy of the visa at the application center.

Charges for student visas in Dubai

- Visa for a single-entry visit: Dhs 500 (1 month)

- Visa for long-term entry: Dhs 1,000 (3 months)

- Entry Visa: 1 Dubai Dirham

- Study Visa Renewal Fee: Dhs 500

Advantages of a residence permit

- Access to government health facilities and health insurance.

- establishing a bank account

- getting a car or personal loan

- getting a license to drive

- Visa-free travel to numerous countries

Prior to now, international students were not allowed to work while on a student visa. The internship was the only kind of work that was permitted. However, those who have a student visa and work authorization from the UAE can now work for 4 straight hours. Working full-time is still prohibited.

Points to be noted in Dubai

Following the submission of all required papers, processing times for Dubai study visa range from 2 to 5 weeks.

A visit visa can be obtained by a student who is enrolled at a university or college in the UAE. AED 1000 is required, good for 60 days (not the full two months), and is renewable twice for another AED 500 fee.

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