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Step by step process to apply for Canada Student Visa

Step by step process to apply for Canada Student Visa

Canada is one of the most desired locations for higher studies and the country attracts thousands of students from all over the World. With the finest education provided, the universities are globally ranked at the top level.

With graduate studies provided with integrated research fellowships, the country hosts the best universities. The strong infrastructure, on-point curriculum, and amazing campuses have been regarded as the factors for hype.

Canadian institutions are hallmarked with them and this leads to increasing needs for Canada Student Visa and PR. Swis Immigration works hand-hand with all the students and helps increase the chances of studying in Canada.

The right course, institution, and path of academic progression could be chartered by our experts. Canadian Universities provide quality education in a much better price range when compared with Universities in the United States and United Kingdom. This factor adds to students’ references for Canadian Universities.

So, in this article, we will be laying out a step-by-step approach to getting your Canada Student Visa. This will help and guide you through the whole process of a Visa application from start to end. The minimum amount of time to process the visa is around 4-6 weeks.

1.      Apply for an academic program at a Canadian University

This marks the beginning of the process for Canada student Visa. You need to obtain a letter of approval for the program from a recognized institution in Canada. Visit the different colleges and their programs. Select the one that is your preference and meets eligibility requirements. This point is the most important one, after all.

Each country has different needs. So, for Canada Student Visa, you could search the embassy and get details. Always look through different universities before final decision. Make a shortlist of universities, the area, courses provided, and fee structure.

Then narrow it down to the best fitting ones. Apply for the programs in shortlisted universities. Always analyze the study programs and then apply. Does it meet your goals, financial status, and eligibility are all different factors to consider in this step?

While applying and filling out the form, there will be the need to submit a few documents like previous education qualifications, and even English proficiency scores. After the successful submission, now is the time to wait for the acceptance letter.

2.      Pay the tuition fees

Once the offer letter is accepted, the next step is to pay the tuition fees. It is usually mentioned in the offer letter. You could pay these through International Wire transfer and this will lead to acknowledgement of the admission. A receipt is usually issued by the University after the payment. This is to be added to your Canada Student Visa application for processing.

3.      Get a Guaranteed Investment certificate

This is important for the student in order to prove that they possess sufficient funds in the bank. You can get this from different banks like SBI, ICICI, and Nova Scotia Bank. It is usually advised to maintain the limit of over $10, 200 US dollars.

This is considered a living expense for a year. Once you get to Canada, you get immediate access to over $2000. The rest is paid to you in instalments as part of your living expenses.

4.      Get a full-body medical check-up

This step of medical examination has to be conducted by someone approved by the Canadian government. There is a list of approved panels that you can check beforehand. The report and receipt have to be added to your Canada Student visa application for further processing. The medical report is forwarded then to the office.

5.      Lodging your visa

In order to successfully lodge your visa, there is a checklist of items to be included. This will help in easily gathering everything.

·         Valid passport

·         Family Information

·         Admission offer letter

·         Representative form

·         English Proficiency scores

·         Academic Documents

·         Fee Receipt

·         Confirmation of the GIC purchase

·         Medical Receipts

This is the step of waiting for the outcome of the Canada student Visa. When the visa is approved, you will receive a Port of Entry letter or ETA depending on the country. You need to carry this along with your passport.

This is valid until 5 years or up until the expiration of the passport. You need to carry proof of your finances along with your acceptance letter. This is usually asked about in the Canada Border services office. They will provide you with a Canadian study permit allowing into the country.

Here is a list of some general requirements for your visa application.


  • A valid passport
  • 10thand 12th attested copies
  • Academic references preferably 2
  • Employer References preferable 2
  • Statement of Purpose- SOP
  • Certificates of any other achievement like extracurricular
  • Acceptance letter of the institution
  • Proof of the payment made
  • Proof of financial funding
  • Photographs
  • Study permit and visa
  • English proficiency and tests
  • Any other document the university deems necessary 

How can Swis Immigration help?

1.  We will be available to help you with documentation. The right direction for getting the visa will be advised

      and directed.

2.  Provide the right guidance for financial transactions and aid.

3.  Help with the admission process and any queries related.

4.  Review all the documents for visa application and ensure successful acceptance.

 Canada Student Visa package


 The package by Swis Immigration provides every help and guidance you needWith our experience and expertise in the field, we help students to get the best quality education from anywhere in the World. We help in building and fulfilling dreams.


1.    Counseling services:  The right career path and academic institution for you. According to your academic scores and interest.

2.    Admission: We provide full support during the admission process for making the process easy.

3.    Coaching: With different exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT as basic tests, we provide help. Mock test and guidance for scoring better.

4.    Student Visa:  Proven expertise in securing a visa and all necessary documentation.

5.    SOP writing:  This gives an insight into yourself. Writing it properly is the main agenda here. We can help and guide you on the same.










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