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Saskatchewan announces new immigration program

Saskatchewan announces new immigration program

The Saskatchewan Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot Program was established to meet the demands of Saskatchewan's labour market in important areas. On November 25, Saskatchewan unveiled a new immigration pilot programme that is Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program.

Employers in Saskatchewan will be able to recruit overseas talent for certain in-demand occupations as part of the Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot.

Entry-level positions that may require on-the-job training will be eligible for this trial. Health, manufacturing, agriculture, ag-tech, construction, hospitality, and retail are the industries with the largest labour demand in Saskatchewan.

In a press statement, Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said, "The need for labour in our province is great, and it's only going to get stronger with the substantial economic developments just announced in Saskatchewan.

 "This new Hard-To-Fill Skills Pilot, which was developed in Saskatchewan for Saskatchewan, is a step forward in our autonomy talks with the federal government, and it will help firms have more international alternatives for recruiting people.

" In addition, as we enter a period of robust growth following the worldwide epidemic, we have made record investments in training and upskilling our provincial workforce."

Employers and the community will support workers nominated through this Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) stream. The pilot is set to begin in December of 2021.

In a statement, Hospitality Saskatchewan President and CEO Jim Bence said, "This is very excellent news for enterprises in the hospitality industry in Saskatchewan.

"This pilot initiative is aimed to attract talent and is an excellent programme for all sectors in the province that are currently experiencing labour shortages."

"While we always try to hire locally wherever possible, we need to be innovative to ensure we have the necessary labour supply to assist our businesses and communities grow and developing in Saskatchewan, which is something this very unique programme will be very helpful with post-COVID."

Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

  • Have a full-time, permanent offer of employment from a registered Saskatchewan employer, as well as a SINP job approval letter for an eligible occupation; 
  • Have a minimum Canadian official language proficiency level; and 
  • Meet the minimum educational and work experience requirements, which include at least one year of work experience in the same occupation as the job offer or six months of work experience in that job in Saskatchewan.

Currently, the press release does not specify which occupations are eligible, the requisite amount of schooling, or the exact language competency.

Employers must demonstrate that they have made significant efforts to hire domestically before they can utilize the pilot for recruitment.

They must also demonstrate the necessity for and benefit to their business, as well as meet rules for providing workers with settlement assistance. There have been no further details revealed.

Why should you consider Saskatchewan?

While Saskatchewan's immigration has been relatively low in comparison to national estimates, with four per cent of newcomers to Canada opting to settle in Saskatchewan, this number is increasing. Only 1% of people lived in Saskatchewan in 2011, according to the previous census.

As categories evolve or are added to meet labour market needs, Saskatchewan maintains a diversified and dynamic immigration programme to respond to and support this expansion.

Saskatchewan might be a profitable new home for you and your family, with a rising economy, active city life, a great educational system, and plenty of open space.

Saskatchewan's economy is growing at one of the fastest rates among Canadian provinces, thanks to a comeback in the agriculture and mining industries.

Employers are frequently looking for skilled and enthusiastic workers in these sectors, as well as others including education, healthcare, engineering, and more.

Saskatchewan had the highest PNP draw of the year. Saskatchewan received 633 immigration applicants in the most recent round of invites, which took place on November 18.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) resumed holding draws after a nearly two-month break. Applicants can now apply through two of the program's immigration streams.

The SINP's Express Entry subcategory may be open to 425 of those invited, while the Occupations In-Demand subcategory may be open to 208.

The lowest-scoring candidate in each subcategory received 65 points under Saskatchewan's Expression of Interest (EOI) ranking system. Find out if you're qualified to immigrate to Canada.

In this draw, there are 14 eligible vocations in each category. The Saskatchewan government's website has a comprehensive list of qualifying occupations.

Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) were required by both groups. NOC codes of Construction workers, managers, electricians, fitters and cabinet makers were invited.

So please refer to your NOC if you have one of these NOCs and your score is 65 or above, you must have received your invitation to apply from the province of Saskatchewan.

What is Saskatchewan's minimum CRS score?

On the SINP points evaluation grid, get a minimum of 60 points; Provide legitimate language test results from a recognized testing agency that match the Express Entry profile's requirements; Have completed one year of post-secondary education, training, or apprenticeship in a system comparable to that of Canada.

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