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Reasons to study an MBA in Australia

Reasons to study an MBA in Australia

Thousands of international students choose to study in Australia. Australia is home to a world-class B school that offers world-renowned MBA degrees and produces graduates with world-class skills and high employability. This blog describes the structure of the MBA program. Duration, admission, research funding, scholarships, admission criteria; language requirements such as study, work experience, statement of intent, IELTS, PTE, GRE / GMAT. Here at Hurray, we have the experience and expertise to help you reach your international educational goals. We have compiled a list of important areas to consider when choosing an Australian university. To find out more about why you should choose Australia to get an MBA, visit the Is Australia Best for MBA | blog. Studying an MBA in Australia 

 One of the most popular courses today is the MBA. Find out why we recommend Australia for your MBA.

* Covid19 Update: For everyone at home during this global emergency, we remain active and ready to support your counselling needs in foreign lessons () See contact details at the bottom of the page). In the meantime, we have custom items like these to help you start your study abroad plan today!

MBA programme structure in Australia

1. Duration

The Australian MBA program lasts at least 16 months and often up to 1.52 years.

2. Intake

MBA programs usually offer courses in the first half of the year. H. January, February. Some offer admission dates later this year. H. In July / August, others may offer multiple recording dates.

Cost of Study

In the UK, like anywhere else in the world, MBA programs are one of the most expensive graduate programs because of the nature and opportunities to benefit from accessible resources. The average tuition fee for the program (up to 2 years) is approximately $ 7,595,000. 

In addition, living costs in Australia vary from place to place, and certain major metropolitan areas cost more than rural locations in Australia. According to student visa requirements, the funding required for living and studying in Australia is set at $ 2,025,000 per year.

Scholarships availability 

Some major Australian B schools offer a wide range of scholarship options to MBA students with partial or full funding. Some examples include the MBA International Woman in the Kraft Heinz Scholarship at the University of Melbourne, the Melbourne Business School, and the Australian Leadership Scholarship at Monash University. 

 Talk to your overseas education advisory team on a one-on-one basis for these scholarships and many other scholarship options.

Eligibility criteria for an Australia MBA

1. Prior Study

The minimum requirement for an Australian graduate degree, including an MBA, is a bachelor's degree awarded by an accredited higher education institution. The three-year degree offered in India is accepted and accepted. Usually, 65% or more of the cumulative grade is required.

3. Work experience 

B Schools in Australia, like other schools around the world, usually require applicants to have at least 12 years of professional experience. This is because the MBA will leverage both your industry experience and the experience of fellow students to build a strong foundation that goes beyond theory. Compared to B schools in other countries such as the UK, less work experience is required. There are also some programs known to host talented students who lack work experience. 

Australia is an excellent and attractive option for international students seeking an MBA with little or no work experience.

Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement

Australian universities do not require an SOP for admission purposes. 

However, you need to write one for your visa. According to the Australian Government's Simplified Student Visa Framework, international students are required to submit an SOP  with a student visa application to meet genuine Temporary Immigration (GTE) requirements. 

You must show that you are temporarily in the country, that is, you are a real student, to receive a quality education. It should also be an indicator of your academic ability and potential, and your ability to master the requirements of a given program. As an MBA candidate, your work experience and intent must be clearly expressed in your MBA program.

For tips on structuring and planning your SOP, check out our blog post-Top Tips To Write A SOP For Study In Australia.

4. Language requirement

To earn an MBA in Australia, you need to prove that you are fluent in English. Recommended tests are IELTS with a score above 6.5 and PTE with a minimum score of 53. 

(At Hurray,  IELTS and PTE training programs are designed to help you reach the top mark!)


Another requirement for some Australian BSchools is the GMAT test with a generally required score of 600 or higher. Some universities may not require the GMAT.

Top MBA Colleges in the UK (with minimum GMAT Score)

GMAT Score
University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School
695 avg.*
UNSW – Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)
Monash University – Monash Business School
Not required
The University of Queensland Business School
   Macquarie University – Macquarie Graduate School of ManagementNot required
University of Western Australia Business School
Australian National University (ANU)
Deakin University
Not required

La Trobe University

Not required
RMIT University School of Business and Law

*based on admitted students’ average scores.

Once you're ready to get an MBA in Australia, the next step is easy. Contact Hurray to help you plan. To find out more about 4,444 Australian universities, check out our blog on studying at some of Australia's best universities. Go8 University 

 As a study abroad advisor, we provide services such as profile creation, application support, scholarship support, interview preparation,  and visa support.

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