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Processing time for Dubai study visa in 2022

Processing time for Dubai study visa in 2022

Dubai provides renowned educational institutes that are brimming with fantastic employment prospects. Did you realize that Dubai study offers significantly more affordable tuition than other places? Put your best foot forward to stand out among the multitudes of applications that are out there.

Here are some crucial things Indian students who want to study in Dubai should be aware of when applying for a student visa there.

Intakes annually in the UAE

Undergraduate course admission in Dubai takes place in the months of April/May, July/August, and once more in December/January. Admission to post-graduation programs takes place in the months of July and August as well as December and January. Everything from Dubai student visa processing time to cost is explained right here. In some universities, admissions are made all year round. Admissions take place in the fall, spring, and summer. The majority of admissions from abroad occur in the fall.

Dubai's top universities

- Dubai's American University

- S.P. Jain College

- Manipal College Dubai

- British College Dubai

- Strathclyde Business School, Canadian University of Dubai (CUD), Dubai

- The Dubai Branch of the Saint-Petersburg State University of Engineering & Economics

- Dubai's Murdoch University

- Dubai's Manipal University

- Amity University Hult International Business School Dubai

- Cass Business School in Dubai and Heriot-Watt University's London Business School

- Middlesex College

Dubai local universities

- The Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University Institute of Management Technology at the Dubai Medical College for Girls

- Dubai School of Dental Medicine Dubai School of Government

- Dubai University College for Biotechnology Higher Colleges (BUC)

- The University of Dubai, Zayed

- University of Dubai Khalifa University Al Ghurair University

- The Islamic Azad University's UAE Branch

Qualifications for a Dubai Study Visa

Let's now talk about and comprehend the fundamental conditions for requesting a Dubai study visa.

- Students should upload their LORs, personal essays, grade predictions, and mark sheets to the website of their chosen university.

- IELTS score, with the 12th standard requiring a minimum of 65% to 70%.

- Documentation for an Application for a Dubai Study Visa

The following papers must be submitted in order to process the visa:

- Four or more passport photocopies.

- The student must present three copies of their passports that have been stamped with an entry visa once they have arrived in the UAE.

- An offer letter serving as proof of admission to a university in the United Arab Emirates.

- Bank statements are used as proof of funds.

- A tenancy agreement is necessary if the student intends to live in housing supplied by the university.

- A hard copy or photocopy of the tuition fee receipt for the current year's chosen program.

- A copy of the visa cost for the intended course's current academic year.

- A certification of undergraduate graduation for students planning to apply for postgraduate study.

- Results of medical tests performed at an accredited UAE medical facility.

How to Apply for a Study Visa in Dubai

There are 8 steps to getting a Dubai study visa:

Step 1:  is to decide on Dubai as your place of higher learning.

Step 2: Complete your course and institution in Dubai in step two.

Step 3: Examine the entry and visa criteria.

Step 4: Apply for the course you need 

Step 5: Get your I-20 and offer letter from UAE University 

Step 6: Attach to your visa application any necessary paperwork listed on the checklist.

Step 7: Submit your application and the necessary cash payments at the Dubai Visa application facility.

Step 8: Obtain the visa copy from the application facility to depart for Dubai after your visa has been approved.

The cost of living for a student in Dubai, a modern metropolis, can range from $1200 to $1500 USD, which covers food, rent, entertainment, and other costs. Costs for undergraduate programmes range from 37,500 to 70,000 AED. An undergraduate's living expenses may run between 2500 and 4000 AED.  A post-graduate program may cost between 55,000 and 75,000 AED a month in tuition.

Dubai student visa Processing time

A student visa takes two to five weeks to process. Assuming you have supplied the appropriate documentation, the process goes smoothly.

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