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PNP Draw invites 326 masters’ graduates in Ontario

PNP Draw invites 326 masters’ graduates in Ontario

326 masters’ grads are invited by Ontario PNP.

Now, invited candidates can apply to Ontario for a provincial nomination. On August 25, Ontario staged its second Masters Graduate Stream Draw, Ontario PNP.

Compared to the first draw, invited candidates needed an Expression of Interest (EOI) score of at least 37 to be selected. They now have 14 days to submit an application and the $1,500 processing fee. The EOI intake mechanism for Masters Graduate candidates was established by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) earlier this month.

The Ontario PNP now allows international students who earned a master's degree from a school in Ontario to register at any time for immigration.

About the Masters Graduate stream in Ontario

You must register an expression of interest for your graduate stream through Ontario's e-Filing Portal in order to be considered for the Masters Graduate stream.Following that, Ontario asks qualified applicants to submit an application for a province nomination, which significantly supports any application for Canadian permanent residence.

You can apply without having a job offer, but you must do so within two years of receiving your diploma. The following universities' graduates may apply for this stream:
- Algoma College
- Brescia College University (Affiliated with the University of Western Ontario)
- Brock College
- Carleton College
- Dominican College University
- Huron College University (Affiliated with the University of Western Ontario)
- University of Western Ontario's King's University College
- Lake-head College
- Laurentian College
- Mc Master College
- University of Ni-pissing
- Ontario University of College of Art & Design
- Queen's College
- Canadian Royal Military College
- University of Roberson
- Saint Paul College (Federated with the University of Ottawa)
- St. Jerome's College (Federated with the University of Waterloo)
- Trent College
- College of Guelph
- Ontario Institute of Technology University
- College of Ottawa
- St. Michael's College University (Federated with the University of Toronto)
 - College of Toronto
- College of Trinity University (Federated with the University of Toronto)
- College of Waterloo
- College of Windsor
- Victoria College (Federated with the University of Toronto)
- Western College
- York University Wilfrid Lauri-er University

How can you earn points for immigration to Ontario?

According to a variety of human capital indicators that the province has determined will be crucial in the selection of immigrants, Ontario ranks EOI profiles.Both your Canadian work experience and the skill level of your job offer count toward your score.

Depending on the stream you apply for, the Ontario PNP scoring system varies. Along with skill level and work experience, it also considers factors including salary, education, proficiency in an official language, and the area in which you live or work. In addition, the province reserves the right to assign 10 points to address lab-our market demands.

International graduates holding an Ontario master's degree have the option to apply to live and work permanently in Ontario PNP through the Masters Graduate stream.Before submitting an online application to be nominated for permanent residency by the Ontario government, you must first register in the OINP's Expression of Interest System and obtain an invitation to apply.

The next step is to submit an application to the federal government through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada if you are nominated (IRCC). They are the ones who ultimately decide who gets a permanent residency.

Stream specifications

You may submit an application to the Masters Graduate stream after receiving an invitation to do so. The conditions in the categories below must all be satisfied for your application to be accepted.

1. An invitation to apply and an expression of interest

You must have been invited to apply and submitted your application by the specified deadline. You must provide proof that you possess the credentials you asserted in the expression of interest that you submitted to the OINP and attested to.

2. Education

In order to be eligible, you must have fulfilled the criteria for a master's degree.

3. Language

You must have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 or higher in either English or French in order to understand, read, write, and speak the language.

Before submitting your application to this stream, you must pass an approved English or French language test to demonstrate that you possess the necessary language abilities.Not from the time you received the invitation to apply, but from the time you submit your application, the test must not have been taken more than two years prior.

4. Payment resources

When you relocate to Canada, you must have the resources to sustain both yourself and any dependent family members.Keep in mind that a family member is anyone who is not yet 22 years old, including your spouse, common-law partner, and children.

6. Desire to reside in Ontario

After being awarded permanent residency, you must plan to reside in Ontario.

7. Where you lived when you applied

You must either be one of the following at the time you apply: residing in Ontario legally (student permission, work permit, visitor record); or residing outside of Canada.

8. Status legally in Canada (if applicable)

If you are submitting an application from within Canada, you must be in possession of valid documentation (such as a visiting record, study permission, or work permit) at the time of submission and should keep it up until the nomination.

If you are in "implied status" when you submit your Ontario PNP application, you are still eligible to submit it. Implied status is when you apply to extend or renew your temporary status document (a visitor record, work permit, or study permit) with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before the document's expiration date.

Until a decision is made about your pending IRCC application, you are permitted to stay in Canada and carry on with your employment or education with the same restrictions as your current permit.

9. The application window

Within two years of finishing the requirements for your master's degree, you must submit your application.This means that your degree's graduation date, not the day you accepted the invitation to apply, must be within two years of the date you submitted your OINP application.

If your degree is dated June 1, 2019, for instance, you must apply to this stream by June 1, 2021, at the latest.
Use the date on the official letter from your university stating when your degree will be issued if you don't yet have it.

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