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Pathways of Canadian Permanent Residency for Hong Kong residents

Pathways of Canadian Permanent Residency for Hong Kong residents

Pathways of Canadian Permanent Residency for Hong Kong residents

Under one of the two streams, a new public policy will come into force from the very 1st of June, 2021. Canada has made this policy to facilitate the residents of Hong Kong so that the eligible candidates could apply for Canadian Permanent Resident status. This public policy will sustain until August 31, 2026.

This public policy will help residents of Hong Kong to become permanent residents of Canada, indeed. The policy will take effect on June 1, 2021, and will come to an end on August 31, 2026. The three months which have been given excessive are there for the students who will become graduates in June 2026 and thus, will offer them enough time span to submit their applications under this public policy.

There are two potential groups of applicants under this particular public policy:

Stream A: Stream A has been given to the applicant who completes their graduation with either a degree, diploma, postgraduate or graduate certificate from a recognized institution of higher education in Canada within the past three years.

Stream B: This section covers all the graduates who have completed a graduate or postgraduate diploma/degree, either of one or two years from a recognized learning institution in Canada or from anywhere else in the world within the last five years tenure.


For Hong Kong residents, a handful of facilitative measures will affect this public policy, especially for those looking forward to either remaining in Canada or returning to their home country.

As far as the status of the applicant is concerned, he should be residing in Canada on a valid temporary status

At the time of filling the application, the candidates need to be present in Canada physically, also, when he is granted the permanent residence status.

The intention of the applicant should be to reside in Canada (in any province except Quebec while applying under this public policy.

Language ability: The applicant is required to provide the scores of a successful language test that should be approved by the IRCC. He should be able to achieve a minimum score of 5 bands in each of the four modules. The result should be valid for two years and it should be applied within these two years only.

The applicants should have been graduated from the designated learning institution in Canada, whosoever wishes to apply under this public policy. A minimum of 50% of the program should be physically attempted by the applicant. It could be either in class or online for all who lie under Section A.

For Section B, graduates could have been completed their education in the past five years from a Canadian designated learning institution.

If at any point in time the application is considered to be doubt and the authenticity of the application is questioned by the delegated officer, he might communicate the concerns with the concerned applicant and will let him respond to his query. Moreover, if the application lacks any documentation, thus, it will be asked by the authorities.

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