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Ontario and Prince Edward Island hold draws for provincial nomination programs

Ontario and Prince Edward Island hold draws for provincial nomination programs

For the Provincial Nomination Programs, draws are held in Ontario and Prince Edward Island. In the most recent drawings, ITAs were issued by two provinces. This week, candidates have received invitations to apply through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) from Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

With the exception of Quebec and Nunavut, the majority of Canadian provinces and territories run their own PNPs. Interested candidates may receive invitations from these programs to submit an application for a provincial nomination.

Provincial nomination can serve as the initial step toward obtaining permanent residency from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, even though it is not the same as a permanent residence in and of itself (IRCC).

The immigration policies of Quebec are different from those of Canada and are handled by the province. Only Quebec has authority over immigrants from every economic class. Over 80,000 PR admissions every year are accounted for by the PNP.

Since its inception in 1998, the PNP has steadily increased in number each year in Canada. This is because both the federal and provincial governments see it as a useful tool for fostering the country's economic growth outside of its already heavily immigrant-populated provinces and urban centers.

October 29 results for provincial immigration Ontario 

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), which welcomed 535 applicants from the Master’s Graduate Stream, did so on October 25. A score of 35 or higher was required for candidates. The province also extended invitations to 106 Ph.D. Graduate stream students who had received a minimum score of 24. 

For both streams, this was the first draw since August 30. Candidates in this stream must meet a minimum set of eligibility requirements, such as the following, in order to be eligible for these streams:

- must hold a master's degree from an Ontario university that is recognized

- Required language level: CLB 7 or above (English or French)

- in the previous two years, you must have lived legally in Ontario for at least one year.

- The majority of immigrants arrive in Canada's most populated province, Ontario, each year. Additionally, it offers the most invites to apply for any PNP in Canada. Ontario is permitted to extend invites to 9,750 applicants for 2022.

Island of Prince Edward

On October 20, 204 invites were sent out by Prince Edward Island to candidates through the Labour and Express Entry streams, as well as 10 through the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur stream. Candidates needed at least a 72 to qualify for the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur program.

Candidates for PEI nomination through Express Entry must submit a separate Expression of Interest (EOI) to the PEI PNP. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for Express Entry is used to rate EOI profiles, and similar to the CRS, the highest-scoring applicants are asked to apply through monthly lotteries. Every month, Prince Edward Island conducts drawings through the PEI PNP.

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