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It may be possible to immigrate to Canada via simpler ways, but it will still depend on your own and unique profile. The fact that Canada is on track to welcome more immigrants this year than ever is a positive news. We've come up with 7 Simple Ways to Immigrate to Canada for Your Ease of Reference because now is the ideal moment to begin the immigration process.

1. Apply for immigration to Canada through Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada's quickest immigrate to Canada system. You can immigrate to Canada in just six months. To apply through Express Entry, you don't require a work offer, and you can be from anywhere in the globe and want to move to Canada.

You can browse any of these categories:

- Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), and Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
You can submit your online profile if you qualify in any of the three areas, and Canada's Comprehensive Ranking System will grade it (CRS). The invitation to apply (ITA) for Canada's permanent residency is subsequently sent to the top contenders. Your CRS score is partially based on the following variables:

-Your degree of schooling
-Your degree of schooling
- your spouse
-A job offer
- Or a Canadian sibling

For the expense of an Express Entry Canada immigration application, you should budget roughly CAD 2,300 for a single applicant and CAD 4,500 for a couple.

2. Enter Canada by way of one of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Even during the pandemic, the Canadian provinces continued to nominate foreign employees for permanent residence. This year, 83,500 new immigrants will enter Canada under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). The provinces and territories of Canada have a variety of nominee schemes with differing eligibility requirements.

You may be nominated by the PNP provinces listed below if you meet their qualifications in terms of abilities. Each province has its own PNP and set of qualifications because each has a unique set of skill requirements.

- British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program,
- Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program,
- Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program,
- New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
- The Provincial Nominee Program for Newfoundland and Labrador
- Ontario Provincial Nominee
- Northwest Territories Nominee Program
- Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
- Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
- Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
- Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program
- Yukon Nominee Program

The PNP and Express Entry typically cost about the same to process for immigrate to Canada. The processing of PNP applications might cost up to CAD 1,500.00 in Ontario, however some provinces do require payment.

3. Enter Canada After Receiving a Job Offer

You will have numerous options for obtaining permanent status in Canada if you have a job offer. Note: If your employer is an embassy, high commission, or consulate in Canada or is on the list of prohibited employers, the job offer is not acceptable. In most circumstances, a genuine employment offer must also be accompanied by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

What exactly makes a job offer legitimate? It should include the following information:

- the job offers
- the compensation and benefits
- The duties of the position
- the name and position of the reporting manager

Your job offer must also meet the following requirements:

- be recent (typically less than a year old);
- be in writing;
- not come from an embassy, high commission, or consulate in Canada;
- specify the specifics of the job offered to you, such as your pay and deductions;
- specify your job duties and employment conditions, such as your hours of work.
- The offer letter may also specify the specifics of work hours, start date, and other pertinent information.
- You must use the LMIA number when creating your Express Entry profile in order to show that you have a job offer. If you receive an invitation to apply, keep your original document secure since you might be requested to submit it (ITA).

4. Enter Canada using the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The four Atlantic provinces of Canada—Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador—are the main targets of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP), which focuses on immigration. It is to bring in competent immigrants with job experience to fill the labour shortages in these provinces.

The AIP initiatives are:

1. International Graduate Program at Atlantic
2. High-Skilled Atlantic Program
3. Intermediate Skills Program for the Atlantic
Application requirements varied between the three AIP programmer. The business will advise candidates the programmer they are being hired for, and they must satisfy the requirements.
5. Enter Canada with a sponsoring family

Canada's immigration strategy is still based on family reunification, and the nation intends to accept 105,000 new permanent residents under this scheme this year. Relatives can be sponsored to move permanently to Canada by Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

- The sponsorship stream for common-law partners and spouses

Through this route, a permanent Canadian citizen may sponsor their spouse or partner for permanent residence. Whether they are now in Canada or not, they can still do it.

- Sponsorship of dependent children

Dependent children under the age of 22 who are not married are eligible. These youngsters may be biological or adoptive. If they are granted permission by the IRCC, sponsorship is applicable to them.

- Sponsorship stream for grandparents and parents

As Canada does not provide financial aid for them, eligible applicants may sponsor their parents and grandparents for immigration as long as they are able to support them financially. The number of new arrivals under this stream each year is capped at 10,000.

- Siblings and family members who are orphans

You can adopt an orphaned sibling, niece, nephew, or grandchild if you immigrate to Canada. If you do not have a closer relative, such as your spouse and dependent children, you may also sponsor any one of them, regardless of their age.

You would have to pay around $1,135 CAD for the family sponsorship programmer, plus some extra expenses if the sponsor lives in Quebec.

6. Business Immigration

It is intended for high-net-worth individuals who run or own businesses abroad. They are warmly welcomed in Canada since they can significantly boost the national economy. A federal or provincial business immigration programmer is one of the simplest methods to immigrate to Canada.

Through the Business Immigration Program, you will need to make an investment in the business you want to launch in Canada. The programmer you'll be interested in will determine the investment amount. The PNP regional entrepreneur programmer offer smaller investment levels.

7. Enter Canada by Pursuing Education

A path to obtaining Canadian permanent residency is by study abroad. Given the variety of routes they have available to them to obtain permanent resident status in Canada after completing their education, many students choose to do so. To avoid jeopardizing their immigration petitions, individuals should make sure they adhere to the requirements of their study visa throughout their stay.

The drawback for international students is that the majority of Canadian immigration programmer demand expertise in a skilled field. However, Canadian graduates of international programmer are qualified for post-graduation work permits. The work permits give them the freedom to work in Canada and gain the necessary experience. The following initiatives could give international graduates a quick route to permanent residence in Canada.

- Post-Graduation Work Permits
- Federal Skilled Worker Program
- Provincial Nominee Programs
- Quebec Immigration Options
- Canadian Experience Class
The seven simple ways to immigrate to Canada are merely a general overview of your immigration possibilities.

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