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Manitoba invites 650 to its latest PNP drawing

Manitoba invites 650 to its latest PNP drawing

Manitoba has issued 8,041 invitations to PNP candidates since early 2021.

Manitoba invited 650 immigrant candidates to run for a provincial nomination on September 23.

 4,444 invited candidates are now eligible to run for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) nominations. When they receive the nomination, it will support their final application for permanent residence in Canada and they can run as candidates for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The results of the last drawing were as follows:

 4,444 skilled workers in Manitoba - 529 invitations with a minimum EOI of 401;

 4,444 foreign professionals: 67 invitations with a minimum EOI of 718; 

And International Education Stream: 54 invitations with no EOI score requirement.

A total of 135 invitations, also known as Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA), were sent to Express Entry candidates. For more details about study in Canada click here.

About Express Entry 

Express Entry is a permanent residence application management system for three high-quality federal immigration programs: the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. You can skip the PNP process and get a standing invitation to stay by applying directly through Express Entry.

However, a provincial nomination effectively guarantees that Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship will invite you to apply for permanent residence in Canada given the 600 point award.

When you submit your profile, it will be placed based on the comprehensive rating system & # 40; CRS & # 41.

which takes into account factors such as age, work experience, education and language skills, among others. Candidates with the highest number of points are invited to apply for permanent residency through regular express entry drawings. Submitting a profile to the Express Entry Pool is the first step in applying for a Manitoba provincial nomination.

Manitoba Immigration Programs 

Manitoba administers its immigration programs through the MPNP, which supports immigration applications to the federal government. Canadian provinces do not have the option to grant permanent residence but can support an application by making provincial nominations.

To benefit from a Manitoba nomination, you must register an expression of interest with the MPNP. This allows you to earn an LAA through the Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Abroad streams.

Manitoba then ranks the candidates 1,000 points for their human capital factors, as well as their ties to the province.

The Manitoba Skilled Overseas Worker and Skilled Worker categories are designed to allow the province to find candidates who meet the needs of the labour market. 4,444 foreign candidates must have demonstrated ties to Manitoba, for example, through close family ties, previous experience in the province, or an invitation from one of Manitoba's strategic recruitment initiatives.

You do not have to reside in Manitoba at the time of your application to be eligible. To be eligible for the Manitoba Skilled Worker category, you must have a full-time job offer from a provincial employer.

International graduates who complete their education in Manitoba can receive an invitation through the International Education Stream if they demonstrate that they have the appropriate skills.

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