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IRCC: PGP 2022 immigration lottery has been completed

IRCC: PGP 2022 immigration lottery has been completed

According to IRCC, it has now distributed all 23,100 invitations to sponsors of the Parents and Grandparents Program for 2022. The Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) lottery for 2022 is already over.

The Canadian PGP aims to assist Canadian sponsors in reuniting with their family members, allowing these parents and grandparents to obtain Canadian permanent resident status and take advantage of the benefits that go along with it, including access to universal healthcare and a possible path to citizenship.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which held its lottery between October 12 and October 20, said on its website that it has finished distributing the 23,100 invitations to apply to sponsors in the 2022 PGP pool.

The IRCC opted not to permit a new round of interest to sponsor applications this year in a manner similar to the 2021 PGP. As an alternative, it was decided to give ITAs for the 2022 PGP to more Canadian sponsors who expressed interest through the IRCC's website back in the fall of 2020.

Prior to completing the application, any prospective sponsor who got an invitation during the most recent PGP season will want to validate their program eligibility once more. PGP sponsorship applicants have until December 24, 2022, from the date of receipt of an ITA, to submit a comprehensive application.

Invitations to the PGP lottery continue to rank among the most sought-after ITAs in the whole Canadian immigration market. The amount of sponsorship opportunities available continues to be greatly outpaced by the interest from Canadians wishing to sponsor their parent’s and grandparents' immigration to the country.

In reality, IRCC disclosed it received over 200,000 interest to sponsor forms in October/November 2020, which is relevant to the size of the sponsor pool within which ITAs were allocated this year.

But by accepting and processing 15,000 finished PGP applications from the remaining 155,000 interested sponsors in the 2022 PGP cycle, Canada hopes to continue reducing that pool.

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