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IRCC: Over half of express entry invitations went to PNP candidates in 2022

IRCC: Over half of express entry invitations went to PNP candidates in 2022

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's (IRCC) data, 19,160 invitations to apply (ITAs) were issued to PNP candidates in 2022. A total of 37,315 ITAs were issued, implying that PNP candidates received 51% of all ITAs in 2022. Once a candidate receives an ITA, IRCC will evaluate them as a potential permanent resident and they can submit their application for final review by an IRCC officer. The updated IRCC data provides more information on enhanced PNP nominations, such as the number of ITAs per province and the CRS score ranges.

Invitations by CRS score

If their CRS score fell between 491-600 in 2022, the majority of Express Entry candidates (17,905) obtained an ITA. The remaining 19,160 applicants had upgraded provincial nominations under Express Entry and had CRS scores over 600. When a province shows interest in a candidate who is already in the Express Entry pool because they are most likely to settle and readily integrate into the province's economy, it is referred to as an enhanced nomination. Without receiving provincial nomination, a CRS score higher than 600 is not achievable.

Invites from the program

The most candidates from the Canadian Experience Class were invited after the PNP (CEC). A total of 12,960 candidates received ITAs. To applicants for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, IRCC granted 5,200 ITAs. In 2022, no applicants from the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) were invited. Applicants for the FSWP must have completed one year of full-time employment, or have accrued an equivalent amount of paid work experience during the previous ten years, in a job that qualifies for the National Occupational Skill TEER 0 or 2. Additionally, they require a validated language proficiency test with a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in either English or French across all four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).

Candidates for the FSWP must also receive at least 67 out of a possible 100 points on the FSWP grid. Candidates are evaluated using a grid that takes into account their age, education, work experience, planned employment, language proficiency, and flexibility. Candidates for the CEC through Express Entry must have a CLB of 5 for those with NOC TEER category 2 or 3 jobs and a CLB of 7 for those with NOC TEER category 0 or 1 positions, as well as one year of full-time work experience in Canada accrued during the previous 36 months. Most applicants for PR through the CEC are already temporary residents who are residing and working in Canada.

Invitations by province

Depending on the province of the desired destination, different ITAs of different types were issued in 2022. With 17,920 candidates total, Ontario was the top destination in terms of preferred province of residence. Of those, 8,990 CEC applicants who were given an ITA said they wanted to live in the province. The second-most popular destination for Fast Entry applicants was British Columbia. Out of the 7,495 ITAs issued for all programs, 4,240 were given to PNP candidates who intended to live in the province. 4,655 ITA recipients were destined for Alberta, while 2,195 were going to Manitoba. Each of the other provinces had fewer than 2,000 ITA grantees, with Newfoundland and Labrador having the fewest at 345 and the territories having the fewest at less than 50.

Enhanced Provincial Nominations

The Express Entry applicants with improved PNP nominations received the majority of the ITAs issued by IRCC. This excludes Quebec, which, according to a special agreement with the federal government, chooses all of its economic immigration applicants regardless of program.

Province Number of Nominations

Newfoundland and Labrador -305

Prince Edward Island -385

Nova Scotia -1,620

New Brunswick -775

Ontario -5,170

Manitoba -1,995

Saskatchewan -1,235

Alberta -3,385

British Columbia -4,240

Yukon -25

Northwest Territories -15

Total -19,160

After the publication of the Immigration Levels Plan 2023–2025 in November, PNP allocations are expected to increase. In 2023, IRCC wants to accept more than 105,000 new permanent residents through the PNP, and by 2025, it wants to admit up to 117,500 people annually. Any economic class immigration scheme, including those run by Express Entry, has this as its first priority. The Forum for Ministers Responsible for Immigration (FMRI) met, and the IRCC announced a significant increase in the number of PNP allocation places for provinces. Also, there is a strategy for multiyear provincial immigration levels. The idea will give the provinces three years' notice of how the national PNP funds will be split among them. This knowledge is beneficial to provinces.

2023: Express Entry

37,559 ITAs have been given to applicants in Express Entry lotteries since January. This is more than the complete number of ITAs issued in 2022. Only two draws between January and mid-March were all-program. Three draws for the PNP and one for the FSWP were program-specific. On March 15, IRCC held the first of three back-to-back all-program draws, inviting 7,000 applicants each time, and considering applicants from all programs. Between March 15 and March 29, three successive draws produced the majority, or 21,000, of the tickets. Earlier this year, the IRCC will start holding drawings for Express Entry candidates with specific job experience, language proficiency, educational background, or any other criteria that will fit open positions, according to recent announcements from Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

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