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Incomplete Canada study permits applications to hurry up!

Incomplete Canada study permits applications to hurry up!

Incomplete Canada study permit applications to hurry up!

This announcement has been made for all the international learners who are interested to study in Canada but have still not submitted their applications for the Fall intake. 

The applicants should hurry up the remaining process as from August 6th, the applications might not be processed by the consulate of Canada.

The applicants who have applied for fall 2021 semester, they are required to complete all of their study permits application by the mid of May.

Moreover, if any remaining applications will be submitted to the embassy after 15 of May 2021, they will be processed very quickly.

But those applicants could have to wait for the final decision until the commencement of their semester.

This relief for late submission is only provided if an applicant meets the COVID restrictions and was unable to process his application due to a lack of services at visa application centers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ratio of people working in organizations has lessened, and was generally working from home to deal with the situation. 

There could be many reasons for the late submission of their study permit applications.|

Due to these hurdles, the application process might get halted and could lead to unnecessary delays.

But concerning this situation, the government of Canada has taken into consideration this kind of trouble and gave an extension in the submission of study permit applications.

As this semester is regarded as a huge one, thousands of students wish to apply this semester and they all need to manage their time about submitting their study visa applications.

The deadline for submission of files is August 6, after which the applications will not be processed by the consulate.

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