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Important update related to passengers travelling from the US to India

Important update related to passengers travelling from the US to India

India and the United States of America have come up with an arrangement related to aviation. All the carriers from the US and India have now been allowed to operate their services as per guidelines made by both countries.

The exchange of services will be done between both the countries namely India and the USA

This significant information has been created by both nations now.

These carriers will be permitted to carry specific categories of people. These categories include the stranded Indian citizens who were stuck in foreign places during the pandemic.

Moreover, the flights will also include those passengers who are foreigners and are eligible for crossing the borders of India according to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

 Also, this must be as per the guidelines issued by 30th June 2020 and all the amendments that were made thereafter also.

Adding more, all the Indian citizens who had valid US visas will be permitted to move in these carriers.

In this particular situation, it is the duty of the representatives of airlines to make sure that there should be no travel restrictions for the citizens of India having valid US visas to enter the United States of America.

This air travel arrangement has also made the seamen of other countries to therefore travel back to their home countries.

 If any seamen are of Indian origin, they will be allowed subject to clearance as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs of India.

The air travel arrangement made by both the countries has given relief to a specific category of people which have been mentioned above.

The carriers will move to and from the places with appropriate precautions and keeping in view the hygiene of people of concerned nations as well. For more details contact

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