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Immigration accounts for over 94% of Canada’s population growth in Q2 of 2022

Immigration accounts for over 94% of Canada’s population growth in Q2 of 2022

Over 94% of Canada's population growth in Q2 2022 may be attributed to immigration. Immigration is the main factor contributing to Canada's population growth over the past three months, according to a Q2 2022 summary of Statistics Canada's most recent estimate of the country's population.

The population projections for the second quarter (April to June) of 2022 were just released by Statistics Canada (StatsCan).

The study included a raw estimate of population growth as well as information about the sizeable impact that immigration had on Canada's population growth during this time. StatsCan has issued its Q2 population estimates.

On July 1st, 2022, the expected population of Canada was 38,929,902, an increase of 0.7% from the Q1 estimate announced on April 1st, 2022. Note: Estimate is based on 2016 Census counts and is modified for incompletely enumerated reserves and census net under coverage.

It's also vital to remember that this estimate incorporates projections for population growth for the period from May 10, 2016, through the estimate's date in 2021.

The reasons for the projected growth

According to the latest recent estimate, international migration is the main cause of Canada's population growth, accounting for 94.5% of all growth (269,305 people). Since Q3 of 2019, when international migration was responsible for adding 175,907 new residents to Canada's population, immigrants from all over the world have not been this significant a driver of population growth in that country. 

In fact, the 118,114 immigrants that entered Canada in Q2 2022 were the greatest number the nation has ever seen since comparable data began to be kept.

When StatsCan's estimate is examined more closely, it becomes clear that non-permanent residents, such as refugees, people with work or study permits, and those affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, accounted for the majority of the population growth in Canada in the second quarter of 2022 (+157,310).

Information about StatsCan's population projection

According to the projection, there have been an additional 284,982 Canadians in the last three months, or more than 3,100 more individuals living in Canada every day. Since Newfoundland and Labrador (then known as merely Newfoundland) were included in the country, this population estimate reflects the biggest single-quarter rise in the population.

The most recent population estimate from StatsCan also shows the fastest pace of population growth since the third quarter of 1957, just before the baby boom's peak (+0.8%).

Key conclusions from the most recent estimate from StatsCan

It was believed that international migration would have an effect on Canada's estimated population growth because it closely complies with targets for increasing immigration set by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

To support its economy in the face of an aging natural population and a low birth rate, Canada is planning to welcome record-high levels of newcomers after early in the COVID-19 pandemic, decreased levels of immigration were observed.

It is realistic to anticipate that international migration will play an increasingly substantial part in Canada's population given that Canada seeks to welcome approximately 430,000 new permanent citizens per year.

Going forward

Canada will provide another update on its immigration strategy when it submits its Immigration Levels Plan for 2023 through 2025 by November 1, 2022, further demonstrating its focus on immigration.

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