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How to obtain a work visa for Australia?

How to obtain a work visa for Australia?

A work visa in Australia could literally change your life

Australia, one of the most dynamic nations in the world, has a huge need for qualified people. Utilize this chance to your advantage by requesting an Australian Work Visa. The ideal adviser to help you start a job in Australia is Swis Immigration, which has years of knowledge of Australian immigration procedures and gets work visas for Australia.

Why work in Australia and get a work visa in Australia?

- average annual economic growth of 2.5% in a stable economy

- opportunities for employment across industries

- High minimum wage and an excellent chance for savings

- Outstanding social benefits, such as free healthcare

- a lovely city with a thriving multicultural life

- You will have the same fundamental rights and workplace protections as other Australian employees when you work there. Due to all of this, Australia is a desirable place to pursue a career.

Work Visas 

The General Skilled Migration program (Skill select) was developed by the Australian government in 2013 to replace the Australian skilled worker visas. In order to pick immigrants with the appropriate skills, Skill select is intended to evaluate candidates' talents using a point-based system. The following criteria are used to award points to the applicants:

- Age: People who are 25 to 32 years old score the most points, whereas people over 45 do not.

- English language proficiency: IELTS testing is necessary for applicants. You receive 20 points if they receive 8 or more bands.

- Employment in a skilled profession: If you have experience in a job on the Skilled Occupations List, you will receive points based on the number of years of experience. 20 is the maximum points you can gain.

- Education: In order to receive points in this category, your degree or certificate must be relevant to the profession you have chosen. A doctorate can get you up to 20 points, whereas a bachelor's or master's degree will only earn you 15.

- Australian degrees: If you have an Australian degree from an Australian educational institution, you can receive five points.

- Study in a regional area: If you have lived and studied in a regional area of Australia, you will receive an extra 5 points.

- Community language proficiency: If you possess translator/interpreter-level proficiency in one of the nation's communities’ languages, you will receive an additional 5 points.

- Skills and qualifications of your spouse or partner are eligible to be included toward your total points if you have included your spouse or partner in the application but he or she is not an Australian resident or citizen. If your spouse or partner satisfies the fundamental conditions of the Australian General Skilled Migration, you will receive an additional five points.

- Professional year: If you have successfully completed a Professional Year from either ACS/CPA/CAANZ/IPA/Engineers Australia in Australia for a period of at least 12 months in the previous four years, you will be eligible to receive an additional 5 points. In order to be eligible for a visa under the General Skilled Migrant Program, you must receive at least 65 points.

If you meet the requirements for a certain occupation that is on the Skilled Occupation List, you may be eligible for a skilled independent visa (SOL). This visa does not require employer sponsorship. To see whether your abilities are in demand, try the Skill select tool.

Employer Nomination Scheme: Under this program, employees who are sponsored by their employers are granted a permanent work visa.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS Visa): Depending on the employer's needs, workers may use this visa for two to four years. Candidates must be under 45 years old and have a minimum of two years of work experience. Employers who hire people on this visa must pay them the going rate.

Options for permanent work visas for Australia

The Company Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa allows skilled individuals who have been nominated by their employer to live and work permanently in the country.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa: This type of visa allows skilled employees from regional Australia who have been nominated by their company to reside and work there permanently.

Invited workers and New Zealanders with the necessary abilities may apply for a skilled independent visa, which allows them to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia. Nominated skilled employees can live and work in Australia as permanent residents with the help of the "Skilled Nominated" visa.

Distinguished Talent visa: This is a permanent visa for anyone with a history of remarkable performance in their field of endeavor, whether it be in academia, sport, the arts, or the performing or visual arts.

Options for temporary work visas in Australia

1. TSS visa (temporary skill shortage): Depending on the needs of the employee, people can work under this visa for two to four years. Businesses in Australia would need to demonstrate a talent gap for the position in order to be granted this visa. Candidates must be under 45 years old and have at least two years of prior job experience.

2. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa - Skilled employees who wish to reside and work in regional Australia may apply for this short-term visa.

3. Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa — This visa is for highly specialized, brief-term employment in the nation.

4. Working holiday visa: This visa is accessible to those between the ages of 18 and 30 and allows them to work temporary employment in Australia while on vacation. The twelve-month validity period applies.

Skill evaluation

The process of applying for a work visa includes a skill evaluation. One must choose a profession that is on the Occupational Demand List for Australia. This list will include professions where there is a scarcity of skills in the workforce. Each profession on the list has its own authority for evaluating skill sets.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) rates jobs related to IT and computers. The TRA (Trade Recognition Australia) or the VETASSESS evaluates trade occupations (Vocational Educational and Training Assessment Services).

A candidate must receive a favorable skill evaluation in order to proceed to the following stage of the visa application procedure. Candidates must fulfill the requirements given by the assessing authority that is evaluating their occupation in order to have their skill assessment completed. In order to receive a favorable evaluation, the candidate should possess the necessary training and experience.

Your occupation must be relevant to your work experience in order for your skill assessment to be positive. If there is a discrepancy, you won't receive the necessary points. In addition, you must submit all appropriate paperwork. Any tiny discrepancy in your documents can result in a poor evaluation, therefore they must be genuine and thorough. 

You must provide any further information that the evaluating authority requests. Your claims of experience and qualifications should be supported by the papers. The assessing authority took the following into account:

- the occupation that you listed on your nomination form

- Your credentials

- your employment history

- the relationship between your work and the visa category you are seeking for

- The skill evaluation bodies also demand proof of passing a language assessment test like the PTE or IELTS.

The following are the steps to applying for a work visa for Australia:

- Find out the sort of work visa you qualify for.

- Make sure you meet the criteria for the points-based evaluation (Skill selection)

- Before you may apply for the visa, make sure your employer completes an online nomination/sponsorship form.

- Complete the online form for the relevant visa category.

- Include your application with the pertinent data and supporting documentation.

- Pay the processing fee for your visa application.

Swis Immigration has a wealth of expertise assisting people in obtaining an Australian Work Visa. The following are the main documents required to apply for this visa:

- English language testing results (IELTS/TOEFL)

- provide academic and professional credentials

- health protection

The processing time for a work visa is typically 2 to 5 months. In order to improve your chances of success, a Swis Immigration Work Visa Expert will assist you with the processing of your visa application and will collaborate with you to develop a full and comprehensive visa application. You can travel to Australia to work once your visa application has been processed.

Visa fee

The cost of a visa might fluctuate. Depending on when we receive your application, the price of your visa will change. You must pay the new application charge if there is a price increase between the time you submit your application and the time the immigration department receives it. You must make sure you have the money on hand to pay the surcharges.

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