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Hints to raise the current limits of New Temporary Program

Hints to raise the current limits of New Temporary Program

Hints to raise the current limits of new temporary program


This particular blog exhibits a piece of information that the Immigration Minister of Canada wished to discuss which came up as whether or not there is a need to revisit the current caps?

This discussion was done by him while he was being interviewed on Wednesday. Marco Mendicino reinforced that the reason behind such discussion does not mean an expansion in the new program that was for 90,000 temporary international workers and overseas learners to grant Permanent Residency that would lead to Canada’s annual immigration goal.


After delivering a speech on modernizing immigration, he made a comment late that day. This speech of Marco Mendicino opened up the fact that more than 50 thousand people illustrated their interest in the public policy that was made in the last week on the 6th of May. He further added more by highlighting a fact that careful analysis of early results of the program needs to be done by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship department with regard to this. This assessment might include the quality possessed by the applications along with analysing the tenure that how quickly the department hits the target of 90,000 applications. With regard to this, he certainly made a greater line of sight on whether or not the current caps should be revisited.


After being asked for a secure cabinet approval for such a shift, Mr Marco highlighted that he is open to revisiting the caps.


Moreover, the proponents expressed that the new pathway program to Permanent residency in Ottawa eliminates a significant number of migrant groups. This issue was also addressed by the Immigration Minister and revealed that the concerns related to the new federal immigration program will be overlooked.


A plan that was announced by the Minister in the mid of April month disclosed that 90,000 temporary applications including 20,000 for temporary health workers, 30,000 applications of deemed essential workers and 40,000 for international graduates to apply for being permanent residents of the country.


From another school of thought, this new program was criticised by those migrant groups who undocumented people and run short of the program requirements.

Moreover, Jenny Kwan who is an NDP immigration critic examined that the new pathway allowing 90,000 applicants to get permanent residency has come out to be problematic as the pathway does not include many essential temporary workers and also, it does not consider the immigrants who have lost their status.


Alongside this, Marc Mendicino expressed his view to move for a paperless immigration system which will prove to be in favour of new Canadians more options to file claims online. This would even be sworn in virtually.

Mr Mendicino came forward with a view to having a paperless immigration system as he feels that the immigration system is bogged down by paper in reality. He added more than the technology is behind the times in a speech made to the Canadian club.

He is of the opinion that the present systems need to be retired prior to their best-before dates. Also, he added that the current federal budget commits more than $800 million with regard to creating a new digital platform. This is for replacing the already existing system known as Global Case Management System. According to him, a dedicated team is there to look at the issue and this transformation will be a multi-year project but not that long.


In this view, Jasraj Singh Hallan who is also the Conservative immigration critic echoed the concerns of Ms Kwan expressing that the poor management of the Liberal government, paper applications and outdated systems have stuck many families who have been trying to reunite with their loved ones in massive backlogs. This is due to delayed processing times which has therefore lead to hardships.


As a matter of fact, the new program that has been implemented on May 6 received a strong response from prospective applicants for permanent residency.

Within just 24 hours, the cap of international graduates reached its peak which was to admit 40,000 applications. The remaining two streams including deemed essential workers and health care workers have reached 10,000 applications out of a total of 50,000 applications.

The applications reserved for French-speaking or for bi-lingual candidates have submitted far fewer applications as these streams did not have any separate cap and are open till November 5.


In order to embark on this concern, the federal government of Canada indicate hints that the current limits might be raised for Permanent residency applications under this temporary program as this launch is a multi-layered approach to achieve the highest levels of immigration to its history to support Canada’s post coronavirus economic recovery.

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