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Government of Canada announces new policy to help 90,000 Temporary Workers and Former International Students to get Permanent Residency

Government of Canada announces new policy to help 90,000 Temporary Workers and Former International Students to get Permanent Residency

Briefing of the scenario of Public policy prevailing in Canada for Temporary works and for international graduates

As a part of Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan (session 2021-2023), the nation declared admittance to 401,000 new permanent residents in the second last month of 2020.

The country is therefore putting emphasis on the temporary residents that are already residing in Canada as the borders have been closed due to pandemics and new permanent residents are facing troubles to enter the country. The individuals who have so far worked in the country on a temporary basis be it a temporary worker or international student and are adding to the labour market, simultaneously contributing to the achievements of the Economic immigration programming of Canada. Noticeably, the country will be benefitted from the expertise and capabilities of these temporary residents who have extensive knowledge in critical occupations, and in light of this, they are being granted permanent residency by the Canadian government. Due to devastating conditions which had been faced during the pandemic, it is unlikely that the country will be able to entertain a significant ratio of new inhabitants who could act as a helping hand in supplementing the growth as well as the economic recovery of the nation. 

After evaluating the current situation thoroughly, a great significance has been shown towards the present need to fill in the desired essential occupations. Moreover, Canada will be able to uplift immigration programming with regard to granting permanent status to the temporary workers of Canada who possess relevant work experience in these occupations. Thus, this will help the nation stabilize its workforce for two main reasons that are for the pandemic as well as for the near future. As a matter of fact, the existing temporary overseas workers are rewarded with this public policy because they had made outstanding contributions at the time of COVID-19. They are being given this opportunity also because they had faced certain challenges in applying and qualifying for permanent residency at the time of the pandemic. As a result, the country has launched this public policy to facilitate these temporary residents (workers or international graduates) and is considered as a response directly to the contributions which they have made during the COVID-19 situation.


Commencement and closure of the public policy

The commencement date of this particular public policy is the 6th of May, 2021 and will come to an end on the 5th of November, 2021. The other procedure applicable for this public policy is that when stream A receives a sum of 20,000 applications and for the latter stream 30,000 applications to be received. Thus, this policy runs particularly on a first come first serve basis. Most important, the Minister has the right to revoke the public policy at any time without having to provide prior notice.


Note: After the closure of the public policy or if any revocation made by the Minister, the applications reached that point will not be processed by the authorities.


Principal applicant’s eligibility criteria:

The delegated officers will be ensuring certain eligibility criteria which have to be met by the applicants who wish to apply for permanent residency under this public policy. The below-mentioned conditions should be met by the applicant:

  1. The applicant has to have a minimum work experience of one year for full-time work or a part-time work experience that should be equivalent to 1560 hours in Canada. 
  2. The work experience should be in the eligible occupation list in either Annex A or B of the public policy.
  3. The part-time work experience should be of at least 3 years preceding the time when the application for the permanent residency is applied.
  4. For Annex A, the applicant should have a work experience of one year in either one or more occupation list but cannot be combined with the work experience of Annex B.
  5. The applicants under Annex B should have work experience of at least one year in one or more than one occupation and could have a combination of occupations from Annex A or B.
  6. Applications from Quebec will not be accepted for such public policy.
  7. The applicant should live in Canada on a legitimate temporary residency.
  8. The forms provided by the Department of this public policy should be submitted by the applicants and all the essential proofs should be attached thereto in order to satisfy the delegated officer.
  9. The applicant is required to submit his application for permanent residency through electronic means only, that is he should apply online

Intake cap and Fees of the Public Policy

There are three varied intakes caps that have been offered to the applicants:

For health care: 20,000 applications will be accepted at the max

For essential occupation: 30,000 applications will be processed by the delegated officers

For international graduates: 40,000 applications at the maximum


For the fees of the application of public policy, applicants need to pay the fees at the time of online submission of the application of permanent residency.


Individuals who are eligible to apply:

  • Nursing coordinator and supervisors
  • Physicians
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physiotherapist 
  • Medical Laboratory technician
  • Assistants
  • Housekeepers to name but a few.

B). Essential workers

  • Trade helpers
  • Construction labourers
  • Farmers
  • Truck drivers
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Mechanic
  • Sales occupation and Industrial trade

C). International graduates

  • Carpenter
  • Industrial, electrical, and construction trades
  • Maintenance and equipment operation trades
  • Supervisors and technical occupations
  • Manufacturing, Processing, and Utility supervisors
  • Chef and cook
  • Butchers and bakers
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