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First International Student Stream held by Ontario

First International Student Stream held by Ontario

First International Student Stream held by Ontario On May 18, 138 overseas students have been invited to Ontario in order to apply for a provincial nomination.

The candidates who had their profiles in the pool of Expression of Interest are invited by the OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program).

The candidate who will be given an invitation to Ontario might qualify for the Ontario Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream.

To be eligible for an invitation to such a program, the aspiring candidate should acquire a minimum of EOI 77 credits.

Briefing about the International student stream: Employer Job Offer category.

Under the Employer Job Offer category, the Ontario International student stream is open to candidates who possess a job offer from the employer. 

Moreover, this employer has to be merely from Ontario.

For being eligible under this stream, the requirements have to be met by the candidates who wish to apply and should apply from outside the country.

The requirements for such includes an education that has to be completed from the Designated learning institution of Canada.

 Alongside this, they need to have a job offer from the employer of Ontario. Moreover, their intention should be to stay in Ontario.

An EOI profile has to be registered by the candidates who have a desire to apply under Ontario Provincial Nominee Program.

Once the applicant has gone through the registration process of the application, he will go into the pool of Expression of Interest. 

The scores will be rewarded based on the information you submitted about your profile. Adding more, the points will be allotted based on the skill level of your:

• Language ability

• Work experience

• The region in which you have studied

• Wages you have got

• Education

• The area where you have worked

• Job offer and so on.

How will the points be rewarded for Ontario Immigration?

The EOI profiles are given ranking on the basis of the number of Human capital factors that Ontario has decided.

 This will prove to be significant in choosing the immigrants who hold the potential in themselves to thrive.

Points will be based particularly on the job offer and the work experience gained by the applicant.

Furthermore, the points are assigned based on the National Occupational Classification system.

The scoring system of the Ontario Provincial Nominee program varies depending upon which stream the applicant had been applying for.

Apart from the work experience gained and the skill level acquired by the applicant, the points are also considered on behalf of the applicant’s education, wage, the region where

the applicant had worked and studied and language ability.

Moreover, 10 points are allocated by the province at its discretion. This is particularly in relation to the Labour market needs.

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