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Express entry immigration surrey

Express entry immigration surrey

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Express Entry Advisor Surrey 

 What is the Express Entry Program? 

Express Entry is a fast track immigration program announced in January 2015. It opens immigration opportunities to people with work experience who are focused on immigrating to Canada.

The Express Immigration Program allows applicants to apply for Canadian permanent residence under three different federal economic immigration programs, namely the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). 

 How does express entry work? 

Express Entry allows applicants to create an online profile. If candidates meet the required criteria for a business program, they are allowed to be included in the Express Entry candidate pool. 

Some regions and territories are also recruiting candidates from the Express Entry Pool for the provincial nominee program. Employers and federal and territorial governments can choose from the pool of candidates listed. 

 Step 1: Eligible Candidates Complete an Online Express Entry Form 

In simple terms, candidates eligible for the Express Entry Program can complete their online profile which includes important details about their skills, personal details, previous job information, Includes language and skills.

Candidates who are successful in one or more of the above criteria are included in a pool of suitable people.

All listed individuals are included in the top ranking due to their financial success. 

 Step 2: The government approves the successful candidates and the permanent residence permits improve (ITA) within 6 months.

You must submit your electronic application within 60 days. Additionally, candidates who applied for the Express Canada program but were not invited to apply for permanent residence can update their profile and rejoin the group after one year. 

 Point System 

 Applicants will earn points for various factors that contribute to success in Canada, such as language, education, experience, and a nomination or employment offer from a region. 

 The highest number of points a candidate can achieve is 1200.  50 or 200 points awarded to candidates are related to the qualified job offer, and candidates with employment in an area receive 600 points. 

 Invitation to apply 

Candidates will be evaluated according to their points. Senior candidates, or those who qualify for the job offer or regional nominations, will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and a problem applying for permanent residence in Canada. 

Suppose the candidates do not receive a valid government offer or a territorial nomination. If so, they can register with the Canadian Job Bank, which will redirect them to contact suitable Canadian employers. 

 Express Entry Program Requirements:

To apply successfully, candidates must qualify in one of the state business classes listed below. Please note that the requirements for each course may vary: 

 Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) 

If you want to be permanently reluctant through this program, you must meet the language, education, and work experience requirements.

Work experience must be full or part-time paid in the same job in less than ten years. Language requirements include Canadian language tests or other recognized language tests in less than two years.

For education, applicants must have a post-secondary certificate, degree, diploma, or full foreign credentials, or have graduated from a Canadian high school to be eligible. 

 Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) 

Federal Skilled Trades Program professionals must have minimal work experience and language skills.

The activity must include at least two years of full or part-time experience in less than five years in the trade.

In addition, applicants must provide evidence of relevant experience in the performance of their duties. Speech scores may be lower, but with satisfactory results.

They must have been in full-time employment for at least one full year or have a certification in their craft from the Canadian regional authority. 

 Canadian Experience Class (CEC) 

To participate in this program, candidates must meet minimum work experience and requirements.

The minimum work experience must be at least 12 months in Canada in the last three years before applying for this course with the corresponding authorization. 4,444 applicants who are eligible to participate or meet the requirements of one of the above classes are automatically allowed to apply as applicants for the Express Entry Group.

However, there are other procedures and inclusion in the Express Pool that does not guarantee an invitation to apply.

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