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Express Entry: Canada breaks PNP draw record again

Express Entry: Canada breaks PNP draw record again

In the first two draws of the year, the IRCC invited only PNP candidates to apply for Canadian immigration. Canada held a new express entry Canada lottery on January 19th, inviting 1,036 immigrant candidates to apply for permanent residence

The Canadian immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (CICC) has invited only candidates for the State Nominee Program (PNP).

For this reason, the overall ranking system had a point limit of 745. PNP candidates seem to have a high score, as 600 points are automatically added to the score when they are nominated.

All express entry Canada lottery since September is for PNP candidates only. Candidates for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) were last invited on September 14th. So far in 2022, the CICC has invited a total of 1,428 PNP candidates as part of its Express registration.

In general, the CRS limit was in the range of 700,800 in the last 10 PNP-specific EE draws and today’s 745 cutoff was lower than the 808 CRS requirement in the first draw on January 5, this year. FSWP and CEC candidates are the ones who make up for almost the entire express entry Canada pool.

As of January 4, there are approximately 194,000 express entry candidates in the pool. Approximately 80% of these candidates are eligible for the Federal skilled Workers Program (FSWP) and approximately 20% are eligible for CEC.

These numbers are rounded off, but the difference tells you how many candidates are eligible for other programs such as the PNP and the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

The CICC has not required FSWP candidates to apply for permanent residence since December 2020. Before the pandemic, FSWP candidates were overwhelmingly invited.

Approximately 45% of all Express entry Canada invitations for 2019 were directed to FSWP candidates. However, the pool was full because FSWP candidates had not had the opportunity to apply for more than a year. The number of CEC candidates in the pool has also increased dramatically since September.

They currently occupy almost 20% of the pool, but six months ago they were about 6%. It was June when the IRCC invited 6,000 candidates at a time for a large CEC draw.

According to an internal note in September, IRCC suspended the CEC draw, cleared the application backlog and returned the express application processing to 6 months. In 2020, the average processing time for express entry candidates was up to 9 months.

The IRCC was able to increase processing to more than 45,000 a month towards the end of the year, but the backlog of immigration applications also increased by 21,000 between October and December. During this time, the express submission backlog has decreased from 138,000 to 119,000.

Most of the progress was due to the decrease in the CEC backlog, which decreased from about 48,000 in October to 25,000 in December. The Federal Skills Trade Program (FSTP) backlog also fell from 931 in October to 805 in December.

The Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) backlog increased from about 51,000 to about 55,000 with about 4,000 applications from October to December. The State Nominee Program (PNP) backlog also increased by about 1000 in December to 39,000 in the express entry Canada.

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry Canada is an application management system for three Canadian immigration programs (Canadian Experience Class, Federal skilled Worker Program and Federal Skilled Trades Program).

Express Entry pool PNP candidates are already participating in one of these programs. Express entry Canada uses a point-based system, the comprehensive ranking system “CRS” to rank candidate profiles. The candidate with the highest score can receive an invitation to apply (ITA) and apply for permanent residence. IRCC officers then review the application and make a decision.

The IRCC can then request biometric data, arrange an interview or request additional documentation. If your application is approved, CICC will issue a Certificate of Permanent Resident (COPR).

The authorized permanent resident can then complete the landing process. If you are outside Canada, you can access pre-arrival services to help you begin your settlement in Canada.

Express Entry is an online system that we utilize to manage skilled worker immigration applications. The Canadian Experience Class is for qualified workers who have worked in Canada and desire to stay in the country permanently.

Minimum requirements

You have to meet the required language levels for each language ability for your job writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

have at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada in the three years preceding your application—you can achieve this requirement in a variety of ways:

1 year working full-time at one job: 30 hours per week for 12 months = 1 year working full-time (1,560 hours)

Part-time work equals full-time labour: for example, 15 hours per week for 24 months equals one-year full-time work (1,560 hours)

Step 1: Determine whether or not you are eligible.

There are two ways to find out if you're eligible for an Express Entry program. To discover if you satisfy the basic requirements, answer a few questions and read each program's specific criteria.

Step 2: Review your results

You'll be ranked in the Express Entry pool using the Comprehensive Ranking System if you're eligible for one or more of the Express Entry programs and submit your profile (CRS). The CRS is a point-based system that we utilize to keep track of our progress.

Step 3: Prepare your documents.

If you opt to fill out a profile, you'll need documentation to prove your eligibility for Express Entry, such as language test results. Because some documents take a long time to obtain, you should begin preparing them as soon as possible.

Step 4: Complete your profile information.

You fill out your Express Entry profile with information about yourself. If you meet the criteria, we'll add you to our applicant pool and assign you a CRS score.

Step 5: Obtain an invitation and submit an application.

Candidates with the top scores in the pool receive invitations to apply. If we extend an invitation to apply, you will have 60 days to respond. Most complete applications with all accompanying documentation will be processed in 6 business days.

Who was invited?

The following is a fictitious example of someone who may have received ITA in the new Express Entry Canada Lottery. Saylor is 34 years old, has a bachelor’s degree and has been a social worker for 6 years.

They wrote IELTS and scored 7.5 points for listening and 6.5 points for all other abilities. Saylor has never worked or studied in Canada. You have entered the Express entry Canada pool with a CRS score of 333.

Later, Saylor was invited to apply for a state nomination, and her application was successful. Her state nomination raised Saylor’s CRS score to 933. This was high enough to win an ITS in the new express entry Canada Lottery.

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