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Exemption been given by the Canadian government from medical examination to few immigrants

Exemption been given by the Canadian government from medical examination to few immigrants

This is to inform that the federal government makes a decision for applicants of Permanent residency to not appear for any additional medical examination.

The individuals belonging to other nations residing in Canada will not have to appear for medical examination as a course of their application process.

The amendment has led applicants of permanent residency visas to merely provide either a medical test for immigration or an identifier number of medications from the medical exam previously held.

This public policy has been specifically formed for the foreign nationals residing in Canada who have:

.Applied their application for permanent residency but did not appear for a medical examination.

.Within the last five years might have completed their medical examination and are subject to not pose any sort of risk to public safety and health

.Not left Canada for a tenure of more than six months in the previous year to stay in any other country that should be on the list of the federal government

As a matter of fact, the family members could also be eligible for the public policy if the aforementioned criteria are met by them. Also, they are residing in Canada itself.

This public policy has come into effect from now and will last until December 28 of this particular year.

A confirmation has been given by the IRCC which states that the new public policy being launched will, therefore, speed up the timelines of immigration applications permitting permanent residency to more temporary residents, particularly.

Most importantly, the goal set by the federal government will also be met due to this, which mentions that approximately 401,000 new applicants will be admitted this year. Since the month of April, the target is thought to be unachieved.

The federal government of Canada has persistently emphasized efforts to ascertain pathways to permanent residency for temporary residents.

 This was actually work done for the enhancement of targets been set for immigration purposes amid travel restrictions and measures related to COVID-19.

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