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How to Get a Canadian Visa from Dubai

big buildings, luxury cars, and a high standard of living. Dubai appears to be a paradise from the outside, but for many of its new residents, it swiftly proves to be the complete opposite. Fortunately, Canada is always a fantastic choice if living and working in Dubai did not turn out to be as anticipated.

1. Obtain Real Freedom

The United Arab Emirates' government forbids anything it deems "offensive" to its citizens' religious, moral, and cultural beliefs, whereas Canada is a liberal democracy. This places numerous varied and unusual restrictions on newcomers, such as prohibiting access to the majority of overseas websites and prohibiting the sharing of apartments with common-law partners.

On the other hand, Canada accepts all partners, including same-sex and common-law unions. In the Great North, it is fully socially acceptable to live with and marry anybody you want. Your religious beliefs are honored in the meantime. You are free to practice the major religions in Canada, which include Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism.

2. Adequate Minimum Wages and Fair Working Conditions

Canada, like the UAE, has a large population of foreign residents and workers from South Asian nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, in Canada you are protected by the same labour laws as Canadians and benefit from better working conditions and fair pay, unlike Dubai, which employs the Kafala System. The standard minimum wage in Canada is $14 per hour.

3. Take a Four Seasons vacation

Although not nearly to the same degree as Dubai, most of Canada enjoys all four seasons, including snowfall in the winter and warm, sunny days in the summer.

While summertime temperatures in Canada vary from 20 to 30 degrees, a typical day in Dubai is humid and sweltering around 40 degrees. Dubai is a glittering concrete jungle with opulent structures.

But Canada will provide in spades if you yearn for the outdoors, with trees, waterfalls, mountains, and sparkling lakes. You may expect to see and feel much more of nature than just desert sand thanks to the 48 National Parks.

Currently, skilled foreign nationals with or without Canadian job experience or education can move to Canada through one of more than 70 immigration and visa programmer.

Finding out which immigration programmer you are eligible for is the first and most crucial step to take before you can submit an application to move to Canada from Dubai.

The eligibility evaluation is the stage that serves as the basis for your application process. Not everyone is eligible for all immigration and visa programmer, and many applicants struggle to get permanent status because they lack knowledge.

Successful candidates enlist the assistance of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) to determine which form of visa will best serve their needs and objectives.

Top Programs for Immigration to Canada

1.Express Entry

The primary immigration system employed by the Canadian federal government, Express Entry (EE), allows for the online selection of qualified foreign employees seeking permanent residence. Express Entry is well named because it processes applications for permanent residency in a record-breaking 6 months.

Candidates in the Express Entry pool are ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking Approach, a points-based system (CRS). Each candidate receives a score based on the eligibility requirements, which may include their age, level of job experience, education, qualifications of their wives, etc.

In biweekly lotteries, the top-scoring applicants are given Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. A candidate can formally and officially apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada if they acquire an ITA.

It's crucial to remember that the open work permit in Canada system oversees three Federal Skilled Worker Programs and various provincial nomination programmer, specifically:
- Program for Federal Skilled Workers (FSWP)
- Program for Federally Skilled Trades (FSTP)
- The class on Canadian Experience (CEC)

You need to fulfill the minimal requirements for one or more of these programmer before you may create an online profile and join the open work permit in Canada pool.

2. Programs for Provincial Nomination

A provincial nomination is similar to getting an endorsement from a Canadian province that wants you to move to their territory because you meet specific criteria, they find significant, such having a job that is in demand there or having prior work experience there that demonstrates you'll fit in smoothly.

As an Express Entry applicant, you can obtain a provincial nomination, which adds 600 CRS points to your account.You can also use Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs), which are NOT associated open work permit in Canada, to submit an application.

The majority of these programmer are made for individuals with low to medium levels of competence who aren't accepted for Express Entry, like truck drivers, nursing aides, farm workers, and butchers. However, in order to qualify, you must first find employment in Canada and receive a full-time job offer.

3. Programs for Temporary Workers

You need a job lined up and a work permit to be able to work in Canada from Dubai. Alternatively, whether you're a scholar, an employee in the agricultural industry, a caregiver, or an expert in ICT or STEM, you can apply under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

2.Gather your documents.

You will need to gather supporting documentation for your immigration application once your immigration counselor has outlined your best route to Canada.

The list of possible supporting documents is provided below. Please be aware that certain documents might not be required based on the type of visa or immigration programmer you have.

- Document LMIA (if applicable)
- Valid Passport Resume/CV Two Photos the Size of a Passport
- Evidence of Funds (Bank Statements)
- Acceptance letter (Student Visa)
- Information about family and dependents

3. Apply to open permit in Canada from Dubai

Your application is the last step in the Canadian immigration process from Dubai. If you use RCICs, they'll handle this entire procedure on your behalf by submitting an application to the appropriate agency (provincial or federal) with all the necessary information.

They guarantee that your application is flawless and optimized. You can start packing for a new life in Canada once they have submitted for your visa or immigration programmer and informed you if your application was accepted.

Employ a Canadian immigration expert

The Canadian immigration process can be challenging to understand and navigate. You will improve your chances of immigrating to Canada from Dubai by working with one of our registered Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), plus you'll get professional guidance on which programmer is appropriate for your unique circumstances.

Our RCICs are authorized by law to help you by determining your eligibility, analyzing any supporting material, and submitting it to the Canadian government on your behalf because they are registered with the ICCRC.

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