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Commentators put questions to Centre’s efficacy theory of single-dose Covid vaccination

Commentators put questions to Centre’s efficacy theory of single-dose Covid vaccination

Commentators put questions to Centre’s efficacy theory of single-dose Covid vaccination

To knuckle down on the present scenario of COVID vaccination in India, it has been witnessed that the country experiences a deficit of Covid shots which led to a decline in the spread of vaccination. However, the government’s new strategy reveals a combination of two vaccines altogether. This could also put forth the effectiveness of a single-dose vaccine.

A statement of Dr N K Arora (chairman of Covid-19 working group under National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization) illustrates that India will continue testing the reliability of mixing two varied vaccines in a couple of weeks. Also, this might help experts recognise the reaction to this mixture and will answer a question: Is it going to enhance and boost the immunity in response to the virus?

But at the same time, the researchers of Banaras Hindu University has claimed that one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will prove to be sufficient for the patients who have already recovered from the virus. This is due to a study which was made by the researchers which revealed that the antibodies in recovered people develop in merely the first week as opposed to the non-infected people.

Further reinforcing, a total of 90% of non-infected people developed antibodies within 3-4 weeks after the first dose. To tackle the problem of vaccine shortage, single-dose given to the recovered people could do a lot for the remaining ones. As a matter of fact, a letter has already been written to the PM to overcome the vaccine deficit by adopting this strategy.

Notwithstanding this, a professor of the Public Health Foundation of India has advised that it doesn’t sound like a relevant idea at all. As no data has suggested that a single dose of vaccine will prove to be effective and full-fledged protection against serious illness.

A shred of evidence has depicted that two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are effective against preventing deaths. There could be no efficacy related to antibodies at an individual level as this concern is, therefore, at the population level. Adding more, no trial has given any proof that a single dose will be sufficient in preventing the serious illness prevailing.

Here, the professors are of the view that if in the stipulated time frame, an individual is unable to get both doses, he should cover at least one to safeguard himself. But, the latter vaccine dose has to be taken within a period of 12 weeks.

This idea of single-dose vaccine of the Indian government has reached a place where on the contrary, the United Kingdom has come up with a decision to lessen the interval of the dosage. As of now, the lap between the AstraZeneca vaccine dose has been reduced to eight weeks by the UK to ascertain the entire security of its people. But, in this regard, India has done the reverse by incrementing the dosage interval for up to 12 weeks.

Currently, in the month of June, the United Kingdom is looking forward to unlocking. Alongside this, a study presented to the government revealed that two doses will prove to be beneficial and a protective measure against the virus rather than relying on a single dose.

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