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Canadian Study Visa Application in 2021

Canadian Study Visa Application in 2021

Do you intend to study in Canada, but you're still unclear on a lot of things? Since you are unfamiliar with how to apply for a research visa?Looking for the best and most affordable university for international students?

You've found the ideal site because we've been in this business for 20 years and have helped countless students fulfill their goals of studying abroad. We'll give some crucial advice about Canadian study visa  in this blog.

Why choose Canada?

The first country that comes to mind while considering studying abroad is Canada. This is due to the abundance of options available to overseas students.
1. The existence of opportunity for research
2. An internationally accessible degree
3. Access to scholarships
4 Students can work and learn
5. Work history following graduation
6. Canada has numerous pristine cities that are among the best in the world in terms of quality of life.

Minimum standards for acceptance of students:

• Students must complete their senior secondary education with at least a 50 percent grade from any board.
•IELTS overall band score must be at least 6, and PTE overall band score must be at least 54.
• TOFEL: A total of 90, but no fewer than 21

For graduates and postgraduates:

• The student must earn a Bachelor's or Master's degree from an accredited institution with at least a 50 percent overall grade point average.
• 6 backlogs admitted for the degree's three-year period (Depend upon college to college)
• Accepting eight backlogs for four years of the degree (Depend upon college to college)
• IELTS: 6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.
• PTE: 58 overall, but no fewer than 51
• TOFEL: A total of 90, but no fewer than 21

If you're thinking of studying in Canada, you should know that there are three locations that are open for enrollment.

1. September Recording: This recording serves as the primary recording and is compatible with the majority of programmers. All technical courses are open to this admittance, and a particular university programmer is provided.

2. January Intake: Also referred to as winter intake, January intake is the second-most significant intake. This course is open for the most of the time. Additionally, the majority of the technical courses in this course—though not all—are open.

3. Intake on May 3rd: This intake, which is also a summer intake, is modest. Several programmers are virtually open in this recording.

Categorizations for Study Visas

- SDS and non SDS are the only two types of Canada student visa available in Canada.
- For SDS, students must finish IELTS; the required overall score is 6, and there are six points each module.If a student takes an English

proficiency test other than the IELTS, their application will fall under the NON SDS or General category.

General Requirements for Student Visas

1. A current passport
2. Credentials evidence: 10, 10 + 2, degree, degree
3. IELTS, PTE, or TOFEL scores as proof of English competency
4. LOA approved by DLI.
5. Payment evidence- the GIC stands for a Guaranteed Investment Certificate.
6. Finance
7. (Income and Funds) Despite not being necessary in the SDS category, for non-SDS
8. A statement of intent
9. 80 percent zoom, 35 x 45, white backdrop, passport photo size
10. CV: a resume; LOR: a letter of reference; SOP: a statement of purpose

The desire of students is to apply to colleges. There are always exceptions, so if you have any questions about your profile, eligibility, criteria, or requirements, email us and we'll be happy to help.

How to Apply for a Study Visa in Canada?

1. Applying for a Canadian study visa is the first stage in the procedure

Choose a Canadian university first, one that is appropriate given your prior research. You must be very detailed about it because it defines your objectives and ambitions, making it highly crucial.

The student must have a compelling SOP if he intends to enroll in a different course of study unrelated to the one, he has already taken. Students must explain why they desire to pursue this specific field in their SOP. The institution might, however, reject your admission because the course is irrelevant.

2. Pay your fees:

You must pay the annual tuition as soon as you receive the offer letter. There are numerous ways to pay, including direct payment, CIBC, Fly-wire, Western Union, and more. You will be given a receipt and an admissions certificate as soon as the payment procedure is finished by the university.

3. Pay your GIC:

Certificate of Guaranteed Investment (GIC): Students must deposit 10,200 Canadian dollars as a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC). Several banks offer GIC.

1. Nova Scotia
4. SBI

Students will get CAD 2,000 as well as interest on their student account upon arriving in Canada. Additionally, he will receive about CAD 667 per month for the following 12 months.

4. Medical:

Only immigrants, refugees, and medical professionals with Canadian citizenship are permitted to conduct this health examination.

5. The Purpose Statement (SOP)

A prospectus is crucial for obtaining Canadian study visa. The creation of a SOP for either SDS or NON SDS is required of the students.

Similar to an essay, students are required to explain why they picked Canada, this university, and a specific programmer. Give immigration officers a summary of the student profiles and their interests, to put it simply.

Why is it essential?

In general, visa officers are unable to schedule interviews with every student. As a result, it is quite beneficial when evaluating a student's profile. In most circumstances, a declaration of purpose will determine whether a visa application is allowed or denied.

6. Digital Photo:

Students must also submit digital photos as another requirement. The image is 35*45 with an 80% zoom and a white background.

7. Financial Documents:

Students enrolled in programmers other than SDS are required to produce financial records attesting to their stability, such as B. Proof of Income (income tax return, Form16, J-Forms).

Students can also add money in the form of documents that show the family's financial situation, such as bank statements, GPFs, deposits, etc.

8. Submit an application:

For a Canadian study visa after receiving a letter of unconditional admission from the school of your choosing. As a result, you have a simple, step-by-step approach to select from when requesting a study permit.

• Gather all of the aforementioned necessary documents and turn each 4MB or smaller file into a PDF.
• Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada to submit an online application for a student visa (CIC).
• You can post a document even with a poor network or no internet connection.
• Submit the institution of your choice's letter of unconditional admission.
• Be sure to include proof of your financial stability.

9. Interview and Bio-metric Procedure

When requesting a Canadian study visa, bio-metrics must be required. Fingerprints and photographs can be properly scanned as part of bio-metrics.

Authorities employ bio-metrics to maintain correct records and stop identity theft. Authorities in Canada keep and safeguard the data they have.

10. Application Revert

The aspect of the process that provokes the greatest contemplation is waiting for a response from the visa officials. Applications for Canadian study visa can take up to 90 days to process, but they frequently do so sooner. If applicable to the Student Direct Stream, approval is received considerably more quickly.

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