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Canada’s job vacancies reach record high in the healthcare and social assistance sectors

Canada’s job vacancies reach record high in the healthcare and social assistance sectors

The healthcare and social support industries in Canada have a record-high number of open positions. There are 152,000 open healthcare positions according to Statistics Canada's report on payroll employment and job vacancies for August.

The data on payroll employment, earnings and hours, and job openings for August 2022 has been made public by Statistics Canada. This report counts how many workers in Canada's labor force are currently being paid, as well as how much they earn and how many hours they put in.

The report also keeps track of open positions, which are those that have previously been held by employees but are now vacant for any reason. In August of last year, there were 958,500 open payroll employment positions in Canada. Overall, the report discovered a significant shift from August 2021, but little change from the data given in July.

Jobs in the healthcare industry are in historic demand.

Healthcare employment openings are at a record-breaking level, according to the survey. There are 152,000 open posts in the healthcare and social support industry as of August 2022.

This represents an increase of 0.4% over the figures from June and July for a cumulative 6.4%. Some hospitals have had to temporarily close their emergency rooms or scale back other services due to a lack of staff.

Canada's healthcare sector is primarily dependent on immigrants to fill open positions. In Canada, 36% of doctors and 25% of registered nurses were not born in the country.

But it can be challenging for foreign-trained medical experts to gain the necessary licensing from Canadian authorities, making it challenging, if not impossible, for them to find employment in their sector and ease the burden on the healthcare system.

Currently, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are taking steps to remove obstacles for physicians who are already in Canada on a temporary residency visa and to make it simpler for foreign-trained healthcare professionals to immigrate.

Professional, scientific, and technological services result in more jobs on the payroll.

Payroll employment in the professional, scientific, and technical services sectors increased a little. In August, this industry's total payroll employment climbed by 5,200, or 0.4%. The two provinces with the largest increases were British Columbia and Ontario, while over 500 positions were filled in each Alberta and Quebec.

The industries of management, scientific and technical consulting services, and computer systems design and related services saw the largest increases in payroll employment, totaling 1,200 people. Particularly, the growth rate of the computer system design industry is outperforming that of the entire sector, with gains on 65,900 posts filled since September 2021.

In August, there were 59,600 open positions, which is comparable with the figures from the same time last year. Despite wage growth, it is not keeping up with the consumer price index.

Wages showed an overall 3.2% growth rate when compared to August 2021, which is just a little bit more than the July growth rate of 3%.  The pace of growth can be a good indicator of changes in hours worked, employment composition, and pay.

In this case, assessments made from month to month or year to year showed little variation in the total number of hours spent across all industries.

The consumer price index (CPI) showed a growth rate of 7% during that time period, which is more than 50% greater than the average rate of wage growth. This indicates that the cost of goods and services is rising faster than the national income.

The industry that provides services saw the biggest increases in wages. For instance, jobs in the administration of businesses and enterprises saw a wage increase of 10.5%, while jobs in banking and insurance saw year-over-year growth of 13.9%.

Both the sector that produces goods and the sector that produces services displayed significant rates of pay increase exceeding 3%. This comprises sectors like manufacturing, mining, oil and gas production, as well as logging, construction, and forestry, which are growing more slowly.

Since August 2021, the growth of healthcare wages has been sluggish, at 0.9%. 2.4% less money was made in pay for educational services and 1.1% less money was made in wages for informative and cultural services.

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