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Canada welcomes around 40, 000 immigrants in July 2021

Canada welcomes around 40, 000 immigrants in July 2021

Good news for the people who want to settle in Canada or migrate to Canada.

According to Immigration minister Marco mendicino, Canada welcomes 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021.

he opens this statement during their interview with REUTERS

Canada back to the game, around 39,500 new permanent residents are welcomed in July 2021.

Canada is planning to welcome 401,000 new immigrants each year beginning in the year 2021, under the immigration levels plan 2021-2023.

As we all know that, due to the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, the target was set by the government of Canada at 341,000 newcomers welcomed is on hold.

To support the Canadian economy, The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) follows the most important and desirable ambitious immigration plan in the history of Canada to welcome more and more newcomers.

The levels of welcome in June and July are higher among all the history of Canada.

According to the source, IRCC will plan to land an additional 217,000 newcomers in the remaining months of this year (2021) which is about 43,500 per month.

Before this Epidemic situation was raised, on average between 30,000 to 35,000 immigrants were welcomed by the Canadian government.

According to the report, firstly there are around 23,000 additional confirmations of permanent residence (COPR) holders that can now move to Canada following the easing of travel restrictions on June 21st.

Moreover, anyone newly approved for permanent residence can now easily move to Canada by following some requirements.

Next, IRCC has been holding major EXPRESS ENTRY draws throughout 2020. This year as it prioritizes Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates since some 90 per cent of them are living in Canada.

Nevertheless, Canada is all set to increased momentum in PR.

In the year 1913, Canada set a record that stands at 401,000 immigrants welcomed, which was the highest record set by the Canadian government.  

Even if IRCC manages nearly 40,000 newcomers landing in Canada then there will be a chance to fall short of its target that set by the government and hopefully history creates which will be the second-highest newcomers about 385,000.
Canada has welcomed over 184,000 new permanent residents this year.

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