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Canada Study Visa refused? Here are the top 5 reasons

Canada Study Visa refused? Here are the top 5 reasons

Visa refusal is one of the most dreaded outcomes in any international student’s life. With big dreams and university admission deadlines, visa refusal could be a huge blow to the migration and journey. We do not want you to go through this. Our Swis Immigration team is working hand-in-hand to get everything in order for your dreams. Canada accepts a large number of students every year and innumerable rejected student visas are a part of the process too. This sure is a concern. 

So let us address the different reasons for Canada Study Visa rejection and understand how to avoid them.


With the increased number of Canadian study Visa applications, there is also an alarming rate of rejections. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), around 30% of all student visa applications for Canada are refused each year. Students who applied for a bachelor’s degree in Canada were the most likely to be rejected, while those who applied for a PhD in Canada were the least likely to be rejected. 


Canada offers students all they require to stay and study in the country. However, Canadian student visa rejection reasons are quite high today. And students sometimes knowingly and unknowingly make this mistake that leads to Canadian student visa refusal reason

   English Language Proficiency

There is a requirement for international students to provide a Language proficiency test as proof. Applicants must generally meet the minimum English language scores set up through TOEFL, and IELTS exams. Sometimes it is noted that even when the candidate meets the DLI English Language average criteria, failing to meet the program conditions eventually leads to study visa rejections. With Swis Immigration, you will be provided with the right direction and even guidance to ace the proficiency tests. Our team is always available for every need of yours.

Financial Struggle


There is a requirement of providing financial proof during the first year of the program. This is essentially a document that represents that you have enough money to support education in Canada. But if the immigration official finds insufficient funds in the account, it could lead to a study visa rejection. This could very well be avoided by showing documents that support sufficient funds along with supplementary documentation. Just focusing on the minimum amount of money might sometimes lead to rejection.

 Unclear intention to return to home country


The study visa for Canada does come with a set period of validity as it is a temporary visa. The students are required to provide documents supporting the intention of returning to their home country once the visa is expired. This does not rule out the possibility of the candidate extending their study permit or obtaining permanent residency. There are separate documents and papers that support his/her intent to return. If this isn’t clearer and not attached, could be a viable reason for study visa rejection.


4.      Choice of programs


This is one of the most challenging aspects for sure. It is often noticed that with a selection of study courses, there should be clear alignment with career, future goals, and past educational background. There is often a complaint raised if the stream of study is changed. The study visa is rejected if the streams are different, career gap, or less GPA. Make sure to choose the right streams and courses for a better chance. Our expert team in Swis Immigration has years of expertise. This could help in proper guidance and increase the chances of study visa approval.


5.      Faulty Documentation


Students from all around the world want to Study in Canada. Another major reason for rejection could be incomplete or insufficient documentation. The major fact to uphold here is to apply with all documents that aid in increasing trust. Make your documentation strong, fact, and trustworthy so that there are no loops for any rejection of a study visa.


6.      Acceptance Letter


The acceptance letter is a must need for the study permit application. If there is no availability or any doubt about the same, the study visa application will be rejected. In addition to the letter of acceptance, candidates must fulfil the minimum entrance criteria for the individual school. The acceptance letter needs to meet all the basic standards so there is no apprehension.


So now let us imagine for a moment that your Canada Study Visa got rejected. How to proceed further now? What to do? Do not worry, we have some valuable tips that could come in handy.


  1. Analyze the situation


The first step is to figure out why it was rejected in the first place. Understanding the reason for rejection could pave way for betterment. However, if you are successful in analyzing the grounds for visa refusal, the next step is to correct or avoid making the same error in your next application There are some frequent reasons why a visa application is often denied. With Swis Immigration and the team, we help in analyzing the reason and rectifying it.


2.      Solve the issue


Once you figured out the issue, it is time to rectify it. Understand what could be done. If the problem is about insufficient funds, get the finances in order before reapplying. It is advisable to double-check any inaccurate information you supplied before reapplying. Always be very confident when presenting information to the officer in your Visa interview. Reliable information provided in a straightforward manner is what gets you in.


3.      Reapply

If the problem or issue is solved, re-apply again. Never get disheartened by rejection. When you rectify the needed issues, your Canada study Visa will get automatically approved. You must find and correct any issues that may have led to the rejection. If it is hard to figure out the reason for rejection, Visit Swis Immigration as our experts could help with understanding the issue and fix it in time.


Here is a list of some general requirements for your visa application.