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Canada skilled Immigration points requirements? Here are 10 important things about them

Canada skilled Immigration points requirements? Here are 10 important things about them

Immigration to Canada as a permanent resident is through the express entry system. The system is greatly influenced by your profile and your scores for it. Canada’s express entry system requires 67 points out of 100 as the basic eligibility.

You may now wonder, how the scores are distributed. Let the best Canada skilled Visa Consultants in Chandigarh, Punjab help you.

 Your application is assessed on a point-based system under multiple factors. Understanding these could help improve them, thereby increasing chances for the same.

Your application is assessed on a point-based system under multiple factors. Understanding these could help improve them, thereby increasing chances for the same.

There are over six selection factors that influence the eligibility of the candidates as per the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). These factors are assessed and scored to add their profiles for further assessment.

Ranking based on the Comprehensive ranking system is conducted and henceforth the immigration proceedings. These five factors and scores could be improved by following certain guidelines. With Swis Immigration, the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh for Canada, we help with the scoring.

Here are 10 important things about Canada skilled Immigration points requirements

1.   Language Skills

The maximum points one can earn is 25. The requirements include having a certificate, diploma or degree obtained from the Canadian education system.

For those who earned education from the outside, there is a need to submit an Educational Credential assessment to prove the validity of the education. This is to keep the degree at par with Canadian ones. Canadian PR consultants in Chandigarh, Swis Immigration are always ready to help.

2.      Work experience

There are points added to the profile based on your work experience. The basic requirement includes a full-time paid work experience of at least 30 hours per week or part-time experience of 15 hours per week for around 24 months.

There is also the need to be in an occupation under skill level A or B. So, the point system varies for a year of experience, you get 9 points. For 2-3 years, there is 11 points are awarded. With Swis Immigration and the team’s timely help, the points could be rightly marked. Hence, we are known as the best Canada skilled visa consultants in Chandigarh, Punjab.

The maximum points you could earn in the category is 12. The age at the time of submitting the application is considered. The age group of 18-35 is provided with 12 points, over 47 years of age and under 18 is awarded 0 points. The country is in need of skilled labour from the young population and hence is welcoming that category of age group.

4.      Employment in Canada

If you have got a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, you are awarded points. The job offer needs to be continuous, paid, full time and at least for a duration of one year.

It is necessary for the skill type to be A or B under the National Occupation Classification list. With the best Canadian PR consultants in Chandigarh, Swis immigration, we help in figuring your category and scores for the system.

5.      Adaptability

Under this category of factor, the maximum points awarded are 10. If you have a spouse or partner who will immigrate with you to the country, there are points for adaptability provided. Certain factors like language proficiency of the spouse or partner and education experience are all considered for apt scoring.

6.      Improving the scores or points

Now that we have discussed the Canada skilled immigration point system and different factors, there are some guidelines to help improve those scores. Since the express entry draw is usually done at regular intervals, there is a high chance to improve the CRS scores.

7.      Improve your language score

The first point will be having a high score on language tests like IELTS, and TOEFL. This will help improve the CRS score. Tests in English and French could help add additional points to your profile.

8.      Provincial Nominee Program

With an invitation you receive, there are additional 600 points added to the profile. Also getting a work offer could help with extra points. If you have a valid work offer recognized by the Labor market, there is an additional 200 points added to your CRS ranking.

9.      Education in Canada

If you have completed an educational degree in Canada, you are provided with an additional30 points. This is another reason why immigration consultants urge you to get a higher degree in the country if you wish to apply for permanent residency.

10.  Canadian Work Experience

150 extra points could be added to your profile if you have valid work experience of over 3 years. If you are someone who harbours the dream to create a life abroad, then you are at the right place.

Swis Immigration services and the professional team helps with every Visa need of yours so that you can finally fulfil the dream of working in Canada.

Our team has already helped over a thousand people with the utmost levels of success and satisfaction. We understand how a move to a foreign country could improve the overall living scenario of people and with our curated career solutions, you can now be carefree of this big and monumental change in your life path.

Swis Immigration services are known as the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh for Canada for all the rightful reasons. We have a clear, streamlined process for creating a resume in accordance with international standards and then marketing them appropriately to the right countries to help you embark on your international career.

Swis immigration services and team provides premium, top-rated immigration services and aid for Canada throughout the World. With thorough immigration assessments, we extend our helping hand to friends, families, and all those with immigration services and assorted needs.

With impeccable management and leadership under AJ Sandhu, founder of Swis Immigration services, every immigration need is rightfully chartered, planned, and executed at its optimum level. His wide knowledge base and indispensable experience in curating, and executing immigration programs in Canada, indeed add to the merit and worth of the consultancy.

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