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Can a Study Permit be changed to a Work Permit in Canada?

Can a Study Permit be changed to a Work Permit in Canada?

Obtaining a diploma from a Canadian educational institution is a great option for those who ultimately want to work and settle in Canada. At some point, while studying, you may want to work in Canada. How you convert your study permit to a work permit depends on where you are in the program. Express entry Canada requirements.

Work while studying

If you are currently enrolled in full-time study at a Canadian institution, you may be able to work part-time or even full-time. Holders of study permits can work up to 20 hours a week or full-time during scheduled breaks. You do not need to apply for a separate work permit to work part-time as a Canadian research permit holder.

However, your school permit must clearly state that you are eligible to work in Canada. If you are eligible to work, but your research permit does not state that you can work in Canada or accept employment, you can request a change in your permit. Certain Canadian educational programs require students to complete an internship or internship as part of their learning program.

If you meet the requirements for a co-op or internship work permit, you can work full-time for some of your studies. Express entry Canada requirements.


After graduation, change to a work permit

After obtaining a certificate from a designated educational institution (DLI), you may be able to apply for a  work permit after graduation. After completing the DLI, international students will be issued a work permit for up to 3 years after obtaining a work permit.

The advantage of a graduate work permit is that you are not tied to a particular employer, profession, or location. This is also known as an open work permit. With the Open Work Permit, you can work in any role anywhere in Canada.

You must apply for a public work permit within 180 days of completing the survey requirements. You can apply for a graduate work permit abroad or from within Canada.

Change to a work permit before graduation

If you decide to finish your studies in Canada before earning a degree, you will need a Labour Market Assessment (LMIA) to obtain a work permit in Canada, with a few exceptions. This means finding a valid Canadian job with an employer who is willing to support your work permit application by securing an LMIA.  LMIA indicates that Canadian employers were unable to find a permanent resident or citizen.

People with a closed work permit are less mobile than those with an open work permit. Unlike open graduate work permits, closed LMIA work permits are associated with a particular employer, role, and location. Please note that once you complete the study, your study permit will be revoked. Therefore, you must inform immigrants, refugees, and citizenship Canada (IRCC) that you have completed your research.

If you do not have status in Canada, you will need to leave Canada while waiting for your work permit application to be processed. Express entry Canada requirements are a hot topic at present. Express entry Canada requirements are a hot topic in India.

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