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British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba invite candidates to PNP draws

British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba invite candidates to PNP draws

Candidates were invited by the four provinces through a number of different initiatives. This week has seen the announcement of results for the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) in British Columbia, PEI, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

The PNP initially only accepted 400 immigrants after it launched in 1998, but thanks to its success, it now accepts more than 80,000 immigrants annually. The federal and provincial governments of Canada have increased the number of PNP admissions because they see it as a useful tool for advancing the nation's economic development.

With the exception of Quebec and Nunavut, the majority of Canadian provinces and territories run their own PNPs. Interested candidates may receive invitations from these programs to submit an application for a provincial nomination. Provincial nomination can serve as the initial step toward optimizing your CRS score and acquiring permanent resident status, even if it is not the same as a permanent residence in and of itself.

For instance, candidates for the PNP with Express Entry profiles who are nominated will see their score increase by 600 points. They also become qualified to be invited to submit an application for a round of invites exclusive to the PNP.

PNP Results, 9-16 September

Prince Edward Island

On September 15, Prince Edward Island issued 147 invites to candidates through the Express Entry and Labor streams, five through the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur stream, and 142 through the Labour stream.

Candidates for PEI nomination through Express Entry must submit a separate Expression of Interest (EOI) to the PEI PNP. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for Express Entry is used to rate EOI profiles, and similar to the CRS, the highest-scoring applicants are asked to apply through monthly lotteries.

Every month, Prince Edward Island conducts drawings through the PEI PNP. On September 14, Manitoba invited 9 applicants for the Special Immigration Measure* - Ukraine program.

The initiative, which works in conjunction with IRCC's response, the Canada Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel, was developed in response to the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the consequent refugees (CUAET).

Candidates must fulfill a minimum set of requirements in order to be eligible for this program under the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program. Only Ukrainian citizens who are: 

- eligible to apply for the MPNP may submit an expression of interest.

- have a connection to MB and a minimum CLB 4 in each language band (close relative, family-like, community, previous employment or studies in Manitoba)

- possess a valid language exam - receive at least 60 points in accordance with MPNP evaluation standards

British Columbia

On September 13, British Columbia issued a call for applications for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, inviting more than 290 candidates (BC PNP). Weekly provincial nomination draws are customary in BC.

227 applicants in all were selected via a general draw that also included workers in the tech industry. This draw did not expressly target candidates from outside the Metro Vancouver Regional District, in contrast to the draw from last week.

Candidates from the categories of International Graduates and Skilled Workers, as well as Express Entry applicants, received invitations. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled candidates were also included in the draw. The lowest SIRS values were between 78 and 120. Similar to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), SIRS only applies to the PNP of British Columbia.

The following occupations were specifically targeted for invites by the province:

- 27 early childhood educators and support staff (NOC 4214) with minimum scores of 60.

- 12 healthcare professionals who had ratings of at least 60.

Healthcare assistants with a minimum score of 60 points are considered healthcare workers.

- Additional prioritization-level jobs with at least 60-point scores.


On September 15, Saskatchewan extended invitations to 326 people altogether. Draws were planned through the Express Entry system and for a number of NOC Occupations-In-Demand. The minimal score for both the 53 applicants who were invited through Express Entry and the 273 applicants who got an Expression of Interest through the Occupation-In-Demand category was 60.

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