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British Columbia invites 357 people in new PNP draws

British Columbia invites 357 people in new PNP draws

The purpose of the British Columbia immigration PNP is to entice highly sought-after foreign workers who desire to settle in the province permanently. Through draws for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) held on November 23, British Columbia invited 357 immigrants.

The government invited applicants from the Express Entry BC (EEBC) and Skills Immigration (SI) streams in two draws under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). Invitations were sent to people who fit into the SI and EEBC streams' Entry Level and Semi-Skilled, International Graduate, Skilled Worker, and other subcategories.

258 invitations total—the majority—were distributed via random drawing. Depending on the programme for which they are qualified, these candidates were invited if they obtained a minimum score of between 71 and 97.

Another recruiting strategy targeted candidates with NOC 0621 (managers of the retail and wholesale trade) or NOC 0631 as their vocation (restaurant and food service managers). With a minimum score requirement of 103 across the board, that draw produced 99 invites.

As part of the PNP programme, British Columbia has been conducting a separate round of invites twice a month since February. Due to a large number of applicants from specific labour market sectors who have registered in the province's Skills Immigration Registration System, these drawings are being held (SIRS).

Through its several BC PNP streams, B.C. has issued approximately 11,000 invitations so far this year.

About the BC PNP

The goal of the BC PNP is to draw in foreign employees who are in high demand in the province and who want to immigrate to Canada as permanent citizens.

Express Entry and Skills Immigration are the two primary sub-streams of the BC PNP's immigration programme. The Skills Immigration Registration System for British Columbia oversees these streams (SIRS). You must first create an account in order to submit an application through the SIRS. After that, a score will be given to you based on your education, employment history, and language proficiency.

When British Columbia immigration has one of its regular draws, the top-scoring applicants from each subcategory are then encouraged to apply for a provincial nomination to apply for permanent residency. You have 30 days from the date of the invitation to submit a complete application using the BC PNP online system if you were invited.

You will get notification of the province's choice within two to three months of submitting a complete BC PNP application packet. You can apply to CICC for permanent residence status under the Provincial Nominee Class if your nomination is accepted. From the time of confirmation, the nomination is valid for around six months.

You may be eligible for an additional 600 points under the CRS if you are a provincial candidate and have a score high enough to be invited to apply (ITA) in a subsequent federal Express Entry draw.

To choose the applicants from the Canada Express Entry BC (EEBC) and Skills Immigration (SI) streams, the British Columbia PNP organized two lotteries. The following streams of candidates were invited:

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled subcategories of SI and EEBC programmes

Skilled Worker

International Graduates.

The minimal score requirements ranged from 71 to 97, depending on the programme for which they were qualified, for 258 invitations to be sent out of 357 total. The other draw had a minimum score requirement of 103 and was intended for 99 candidates whose positions fell under NOCs 0621 (retail and wholesale trade managers) or 0631 (restaurant and foodservice managers).

Due to the enormous number of entries, the British Columbia immigration PNP has been holding separate rounds of dual drawings each month. The British Columbia PNP has been conducting separate rounds of dual draws per month, due to the high number of foreign candidates from particular labour market sectors that are in demand.

The BC PNP is the province's immigration programme, which aims to select and invite qualified foreign applicants whose professions are in demand in the province in order to meet those demands on the labour market. In exchange for making a significant contribution to the economy of the province, it grants the candidates PR in Canada.

There are two streams:

You must first register an account with the SIRS in order to access these programmes. The candidates with the highest scores will be invited through multiple PNP streams after being ranked based on variables such as age, work experience, educational background, and others after registering. Additionally, their CRS score would be increased by 600 points once they received their PNP invitations.

The likelihood of receiving the ITA in the following Canada Express Entry lottery is increased by the accumulation of points. You would have 30 days to continue after getting the invitations. Within two to three months of the application process being finished, the province would announce the outcome.

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