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British Columbia and Ontario invite candidates in the most recent provincial nomination draws

British Columbia and Ontario invite candidates in the most recent provincial nomination draws

This week, candidates have received invitations to apply through the Provincial Nomination Programs of British Columbia and Ontario. Provincial nomination can serve as the initial step toward obtaining permanent residence from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, despite the fact that it is not the same as one in and of itself (IRCC).

With the exception of Quebec and Nunavut, the majority of Canadian provinces and territories run their own provincial nomination programs. Interested candidates may receive invitations from these programs to submit an application for a provincial nomination. The immigration policies of Quebec are different from those of Canada and are handled by the province.

Since its inception in 1998, the PNP has admitted more than 80,000 PR applicants annually. The federal and provincial governments of Canada have increased the number of PNP admissions because they see it as a useful tool for promoting the economic growth of the nation outside of the provinces and urban areas with substantial immigrant populations.

Results for provincial immigration from September 30 to October 7


On September 29, 1,340 applicants from the Express Entry Skilled Trades stream were invited by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). A 266 was required for applicants. Candidates must already be residents of Ontario and have completed at least one year's worth of paid full-time work (or its equivalent in paid part-time work) in Ontario in a skilled trade that is listed in Minor Group 633 or Major Groups 72, 73, or 82.

Candidates must also have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of five or higher in either English or French, as well as a current trade license or certificate issued by the Ontario government.

British Columbia

On October 4, more than 229 applicants were invited to submit their applications for a provincial nomination in British Columbia. 184 applicants were chosen at random from a wide pool, including those in the tech industry. Candidates from the categories of International Graduates and Skilled Workers, as well as Express Entry applicants, received invitations.

The minimum SIRS scores for applicants in the general draw ranged from 82 to 120. Similar to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), SIRS only applies to the PNP of British Columbia.

The following occupations were also the subject of invitation rounds from the province.

- 32 early childhood educators and assistants with scores of at least 60 points (NOC 4214);

- 13 healthcare professionals who received scores of at least 60 points from the EEBC option's skilled worker, international graduate, entry-level, and semi-skilled categories.

-  Medical assistants with a minimum score of 60 from the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled categories;

-  Additional priority jobs with 60 or higher test scores

Various criteria are taken into account for the BC PNP depending on the needs of the province in terms of labor force. British Columbia takes into account:

- Education, including level, field, and location of completion

- Language proficiency

- Occupation

- The length and level of employment experience

- Salary or degree of expertise 

- Desire to work, live and establish oneself in a particular area

- Strategic priorities: elements that support government pilot programs and initiatives or address specific labor market requirements in British Columbia

The shift from NOC 2016 to NOC 2021, a revised way of evaluating a candidate's skill level in economic immigration programs, will cause BC to suspend draws between October 12 and November 16. As a result, this will be one of the final draws of October.

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