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British Columbia and Manitoba invite candidates in the most recent draws

British Columbia and Manitoba invite candidates in the most recent draws

Two Canadian provinces have invited candidates in the past two weeks of draws under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These draws took place around the same time that Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced new selection categories for Express Entry candidates, which could include those who are also in the PNP. According to IRCC, new categories won't be all drawn up in future and Express Entry PNP draws will continue. Selection category draws mirror many PNP streams. All of Canada’s provinces and territories (except Quebec and Nunavut) also hold PNP draws to invite candidates in specific occupational fields or for specific National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes, or for language their language ability. For example, in the majority of provinces PNP migration flows are specifically focused on tech and healthcare workers. British Columbia has targeted draws for healthcare workers almost every week.

The Federal and State Governments share the responsibility for immigration. The PNP allows the provincial governments to nominate economic migrants for permanent residence who they consider to be able to establish themselves economically in the nominated province. This will also make it easy for provinces to find candidates who can help fill job vacancies in the regions.

Results of the Province's immigration operations May 23 to June 2 

British Columbia 

On May 23 and 30 the PNP draw took place in British Columbia. More than 140 candidates were invited to participate in the province's four draws according to results announced on 23 May. The largest draw invited 103 candidates from the Skilled Worker and International Graduates streams (including Express Entry candidates) in a draw targeting tech occupations. A score of 90 was required for the minimum skills immigration registration system, SIRS.

There were also 20 candidates invited in a targeted draw for early childhood educators and assistants, 17 were targeted in a draw for healthcare workers and less than five others were invited in a draw for other priority occupations. A 60 SIRS Score had to be obtained in each of the three draws. The largest draw on May 30 was a general draw (one that did not target any specific occupation or field) that invited 151 candidates from the Skilled Worker, International Graduate and Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Streams. The minimum SIRS score ranged from 85 to 107. The remaining 3 draw categories are similar to those of the preceding week. There were 26 early childhood educators and assistants, 14 healthcare workers and less than five invited from other priority occupations.

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