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Planning to apply for the visa?


When it comes to applying for a visa to study abroad especially study in Canada, it can be an extremely exhausting and stressful task for students.

Especially if the applicant is applying for the first time everything is new and stressful. We, at the masters’ education, are the best study visa consultants in Chandigarh owing to the long stretches of expertise and strong subject matter expertise in the domain.

We give the proper management and assistance directly from the application for the visa to the endorsement. Our advisors, with aptitude in the fields, make the entire cycle consistent and laid back. With significant experience, our visa consultants ensure that the end-to-end process is assisted and conducted in an informed and efficient manner. 


Choosing to study abroad offers global exposure to a student opening the door to ample opportunities. The multicultural and amalgamating experience truly develop global leaders.

The universities provide world-class education which is worldwide recognized and accepted, magnifying the chances and the further opportunities. With an internal degree, you get the chance to work with internal firms and enhance your portfolio.

Moreover, fully-funded scholarships are also provided to scholastic students from all over the world, which is a major attraction.

The lifestyle, peaceful living, welcoming and safe atmosphere and the beautiful scenic places are always additional advantages. 


Valid Passport

Attested copies of 10th, 12th and Degree certificates

Academic references – 2

Employer references – 2

SOP (Statement of Purpose)

Certificates of extracurricular achievements

An acceptance letter from your education institution

Proof of payment

Proof of financial funds

Passport size photographs

Study Permit and visa

English Proficiency

If you wish to study abroad and apply to any prestigious university, the foremost requirement is to have the specified score to get an admission without which you get disqualified. The second eligibility is to be financially secure to be able to pay the tuition fees and the personal expenditures.

If you are a scholarship student, you must show the needed documents of the scholarship otherwise the bank statements of your parents.

You can augment your probability of getting selected by appearing for the IELTS exam. IELTS is a globally accepted English language exam that involves four sections: reading, writing, speaking and listening. It tests the ability of the candidate and the command of the English language. 

At the swis immigration, we offer the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh providing a great bandwidth of the IELTS score to amplify the chances of securing a visa and clearing the selection process. We are also an Immigration consultant centre in Chandigarh.

Our teachers utilize an innovative methodology to prepare the students for the exam through the conduction of frequent mock tests and assignments. We provide the top-notch and best Immigration consultant in Chandigarh with attention towards every student.

The Immigration consultant Chandigarh is comprehensive with an advanced and upgraded curriculum. Our Immigration consultant centre in Chandigarh hosts various batches of small sizes so that every one of our students is attended. 

Secure high score and study abroad with the eminent Immigration consultant Chandigarh.


There is an endless amount of paperwork involved in the entire visa application process which makes it even more tiring.

As your assistants and the best visa consultants in Chandigarh, we make sure that we aid in the documentation process at every step and proceed through a client-centric approach enabling us to prioritize the satisfaction and delivery of the optimal results in an expeditious way. 

The swis immigration, we have the knowledge, experience and a robust pipeline of the process to help you apply for the visa process confidently and secure a study visa successfully, as the best study visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Additionally, every country has different types of visas based on the purpose of the visit and the time duration. Though it is feasible to apply for the visa online, it requires a great understanding of the entire procedure, filling out the application form and submitting the documents.

One mistake could cost a dream and cancel the chances of getting selected.

Hence, it is always advised and best to opt for professional services with the experts having ample expertise and know the ways to secure a study visa seamlessly.


Team of the best consultants and experts with years of experience

Assisting in the whole visa process be it preparation of the necessary documents or the visa interview conducted by the embassy.

Partnership with the prominent educational institutes

We keep a track of the procedure and develop plans accordingly to ensure a positive outcome. We provide complete supervision on writing an impressive application form so escalate the chances of being selected. We are your one-stop solution for all the studying abroad related queries and services.

We are a reliable name in the educational sphere with the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. Their positive reviews and successful results make us one of the best visa consultants in Chandigarh. 

With the notion that ‘education gives you wings to fly, we offer real-time results with an exceptional-timeless rate. Around 90% of our students get selected for pursuing their graduation or masters in foreign countries. Wmastersr unparalleled services at cost-effective prices to suit cost-effective.

We keep you aware regarding the advancement of your application, staying in touch with the visa office on your behalf. We provide anytime assistance in answering your doubts. We approach each case in a custom livery per the applicants’ requirements and needs. 

Experience world-class education with the help of our guidance and management and welcome a new beginning of a chapter in your life. We bridge the split between your visions and reality!

At the masters, we make your study abroad dreams turn into reality. With our efficient strategies and plans, we ensure to get your visa application sanctioned as quickly as possible. Our team of experts guide you at every step to deliver the best results and ace the interview for the approval of the visa.

Contact us at info@swisimmigration for more information regarding the perfect institutions and the course for you along with the visa advice.

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