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Best Canada student visa consultants in Chandigarh

Best Canada student visa consultants in Chandigarh

These days, a lot of Indian students opt to study in Canada. Many thousands of Indian students have visited Canada to study during the past few years.

The advantages that students receive from studying abroad in Canada are numerous.It is strongly advised that applicants who desire to apply for a study visa for Canada use the services of the Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh, best study visa adviser to ensure that they do not overlook any crucial information or steps.

Canada study visa process

In order to apply to study in Canada, applicants must complete a number of processes. Following are the steps to begin the process, assuming the candidate satisfies the academic and English language prerequisites.

1. Choosing an appropriate course to study in Canada

The first step is to select a course that aligns with the applicant's existing academic profile and any relevant professional experience.

There is a potential that your application for a study visa to Canada will be rejected if the course does not demonstrate a logical progression of your current profile. Therefore, choosing the correct course is one of the most crucial considerations.

2. Selecting a Canadian college or university for study

The applicants must choose a college or university in Canada for their studies after choosing a course. The applicants must remember that they choose a college or institution having DLI status in this situation.

Designated Learning Institute is referred to as DLI. Designated Learning Institute is referred to as DLI. The educational institutions need to have a current DLI number in order to accept international students. 

The candidates must also confirm that the college and the course allow overseas students who successfully complete the programme while on a student visa to Canada to work after graduation.

Not all DLIs have PGWP after the course is over. If you're a married applicant and want to assist your spouse's application for an open work visa, it becomes even more crucial. 

According to the regulations, the dependent spouse would not be eligible to apply for a Canada open work permit if the course the student visa applicant is enrolled in does not have a post-graduation work permit. One option for students is to study.

It may advise people who want to study in Canada about the colleges and universities where the course has PGWP rights after the course because it is on the list of authorized immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

The best study visa advisor in Chandigarh may be found by contacting Swis Immigration, who has years of expertise advising students on Canada study visas.

3. Sending an application for admission

The third phase in the procedure is this. The admissions application would be sent to the selected Canadian institution or university by your study visa adviser for Canada. At this stage, students might need to mail their application money. The application price ranges from 50 to 150 Canadian dollars.

Applicants may contact the best Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh for all the other services.

  • Free profile assessment of their application
  • Selection of the course and university for study in Canada
  • Availability of seats in the chosen course
  • Sending of admission applications
  • Preparation of Canada study visa file
  • Submission of the visa application

International students who wish to study in Canada are granted a Canadian Study Permit. Every student who wishes to pursue their studies in Canada must first get a student visa.

Anyone wishing to apply for a student visa to study in Canada from Chandigarh must have full knowledge of how to do so from the Citizenship and Immigration Department of Canada. To assist you with the process, you might also get in touch with a Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh for Canada study visas.

All Chandigarh applicants must apply for their visas through the IRCC. It is well known that applying for a visa online may be done considerably more quickly than applying for a visa offline. Make sure to gather and assemble information before you fill out your application.

Following your acceptance, you will receive an Introduction Letter, an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), or a temporary visa that is good for the whole period of your study. A Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh will walk you through every step of the immigration procedure.


It is crucial for students to full fill the conditions established by the Immigration Department in order to obtain their study permit for Canada. These are listed below:

1. A letter of acceptance from a university or college

2. A medical opinion

3. A bank statement demonstrating the student's ability to cover living and study expenses

4. Application with a travel SOP and a commitment to go back to your home country after your training is over.

It is crucial to remember that Canada has rigorous immigration laws, and someone's permission may still be rejected even if it has been granted by a college or institution. We at Swis immigration have a group of committed and skilled consultants and operation specialists. We have a track record of efficiently assisting students with immigration and visa applications.

With the top Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh, we guarantee that every procedure is done carefully while taking current immigration rules and policies into account.

We think that the best method for a student to learn is through studying abroad. While studying abroad at their selected place, students have the chance to further their education. Be sure to include the country's culture as well as its allure.

The chance to tour the world is the main advantage of thinking about a study abroad programme. One has the chance to investigate a variety of nations in terms of unique customs and activities when studying abroad. With regards to student visa requirements, the top Canadian study visa consultants in Chandigarh for Canada PR can assist.

The benefits of an international education also include a plethora of novel activities, like exploring fresh landscapes, museums, climatic wonders, and landmarks in the destination nation.

If you hire the top immigration counsel in Chandigarh for Canada PR, you may maximize your chances of success. You'll view things differently when you finish your education abroad and return to your own country.

Among the unknowns are people's language prowess, cultural preferences, high levels of education, and curiosity about such things. In a nutshell, the benefits of studying abroad that have already been mentioned appeal to companies.

Why choose us?

All of our clients receive the greatest assistance imaginable in a clear, transparent, and thorough manner, thanks to Swis Immigration's Canada professionals. Why pick us?

All of our clients receive the greatest assistance imaginable in a clear, transparent, and thorough manner, thanks to Swis Immigration's Canada professionals. The quality of the service and maximizing its value to our clients are our primary priorities. We carefully consider each client's needs before creating a workable, all-encompassing solution that ensures success and satisfaction.

1. An ICCRC member

Swis Immigration may be able to help as an ICCRC member. providing a range of services over a longer period of time to help people build a bright future

2. Endorsed by the executive

Our services are incredibly reliable and trustworthy because they have received certification from the governments of India and Canada. We value these procedures, and each member of our team does their best to uphold authenticity while offering services.

Our company's mission is that we will uphold the highest standards of openness and sincerity since we consider our clients' trust to be our most significant asset.

3. A success rate of 100 per cent

Our stellar testimonials speak for themselves. The best experts are Swis Immigration and his team, who handle more than 5500 cases a year and have a success percentage of 100%. working tenaciously and with a strong willingness to provide for our clients' demands.

4. Qualified staff

Our staff is made up of eminent people with years of experience who are considerate and attentive to your needs. We pay attention to your needs and develop the best strategy and response for them. All of our experts are knowledgeable about Canadian immigration laws. They will help you with all of your needs for services and wants.

5. Excellent Services

For a good reason, Swis Immigration is Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh for Canadian immigration advice. We provide flawless, superior services that satisfy all of your needs.

6. Achievable plan

Swis Immigration is a firm believer in assessing the task, understanding it, breaking it down into phases, and ultimately finishing it. The key to finding a comprehensive yet simple solution to a problem is simplicity. 

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