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Australia work visa cost for Indians in 2023

Australia work visa cost for Indians in 2023

Australia, one of the most dynamic nations in the world, is in dire need of qualified people. The lifestyle and employment opportunities that Australia promises and really offers influence many overseas students to settle down and work there. Utilize this chance by requesting an Australian Work Visa for Indians. This blog compiles all the information you require about Working Visa Australia, including its prerequisites, fees, eligibility requirements, the application process, and how to obtain a work visa in Australia to launch your career in Australia.

Australia: Why Work Here?

When you have your work visa in Australia, you not only have the ability to work there but also have the chance to exercise the same fundamental rights as other local workers. Due to all of this, foreigners find Australia to be a desirable job destination. The following are some key elements that may influence your decision to begin working in Australia:

- Australia's consistent economic growth, which averages 2.5% yearly

- Opportunities for work across multiple sectors

- A high minimum wage and plenty of options for savings

- Outstanding social benefits, like universal access to health care

- Beautiful cities with a thriving multicultural life

Work Visa in Australia & Permit Types

The following is a list of every temporary working visa and work permit available in Australia:

- Visa under the Employer Nomination Scheme

- Visa under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

- Independent Skilled Visa

- Visa for Skilled Nominees

- Visa for Temporary Skill Shortage

- Regional Skilled (Provisional) Visa

- Australia Temporary Work Visa (Short Stay Specialist)

- Temporary Work (International Relations) visa

- Visa for Distinguished Talent

Conditions for Work Visas in Australia

According to Australia's Point system, the applicants for employment are ranked or prioritized below based on their attributes. To earn additional points, you should meet the majority of the following standards. India's requirements for an Australia work visa are as follows:


- Age Requirements: Candidates between the ages of 25 and 32 receive the highest marks, while those over the age of 45 receive none.

- Australia's IELTS rating Candidates for work visas must have IELTS test scores of at least 8 bands (20 Points).

- Australian Study Permit: Must fulfill the prerequisites for studying in Australia Five Points

- Completion of a professional year in the nation - Professional Year - 5 Points

- Regional Study: Five Points for Residing and Studying in Regional Australia

- Community Language Proficiency: 5 Points for proficiency in one of the nation's community languages as an interpreter or translator.

The cost of an Australian working visa

The cost of a working visa in Australia varies occasionally. Depending on when the authorities receive your application, a Working Visa Australia will cost a certain amount. The different Australia Work Permit Visa fees are listed below in both AUD and USD.

Australia Work Permit Visa Types Australia Work Visa Cost

Fees for an Australian work visa in Indian rupees (On a Current Basis)

- Visa for Employer Nomination Scheme: 4,045 AUD approx. 2.2 lakhs

- Visa for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme: 4,045 AUD

- Skilled Independent Visa: 2.2 lakhs

- Temporary Skilled visa: 2.2 lakh

- Regional (Provisional) Skill Visa 4,045 AUD 

- Temporary Work Visa for 2.2 lakhs

- Australia (Short Stay Specialist): 310 AUD (225 USD roughly)

- Contract Jobs Australia visa (International Relations) 310 AUD 

- Distinguished Talent Visa: 4,110 AUD

- Temporary Skill Shortage: 2.2 lakh

- Stream in the Middle: 2,645 AUD (1,927 USD approx.)

- Short-Term Stream: Approximately 1.4 lakhs

- Regional (Provisional) Skill Visa (Extended Stay Pathway): 360 AUD

Australian Studying Costs: Fees & Scholarships

Understanding the different working visa categories will help you choose the one that best fits your needs and qualifications. The following work permits are available:

- independent skilled visa (subclass 189).

-visa for skilled workers (subclass 190).

-visa under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187).

-Scheme for Employer Nomination (subclass 186).

-Regional (Provisional) Skill Visa (subclass 489).

-Visa for Distinguished Talent (subclass 124).

-(Permanent) Business Talent Visa (subclass 132).

-(Provisional) Business Innovation and Investment Visa (subclass 188).

-visa for temporary employment (short-term activity) (subclass 400).

-Visa for Temporary Work (Long-Term Activity) (subclass 401).

-visa for temporary employment in international relations (subclass 403).

-For the Seasonal Worker Program, a special programme visa (subclass 416) is available.

-Work visa for holidays (subclass 417).

-Visa for Temporary Work (Entertainment) (subclass 420).

-skilled temporary work visa (subclass 457).

-Family Relationship (Temporary) Visa for New Zealand Citizens (subclass 461).

-Work and vacation visa (subclass 462).

-Graduate visa for the skilled (subclass 476).

-Graduate visa, temporary (subclass 485).

-Visa for superyacht crew (subclass 488).

-Visa for Distinguished Talent (subclass 858).

-Regional skilled visa (subclass 887).

-(Permanent) Visa for Business Innovation and Investment (subclass 888).

-Visa for Business Owner (subclass 890).

-Entrepreneur visa (subclass 891).

-Business Owner Visa sponsored by the State or Territory (subclass 892).

-Investor visa sponsored by a State or Territory (subclass 893)

-Visa for the maritime crew (subclass 988)

What is the visa process for Australia work permits?

Following is a list of the main methods for applying for an Australia work visa:

1. Determine which type of work visa your profile is eligible for.

2. Be sure to follow the rules of the points-based Skill choose system.

3. Ensure that your company completes and submits an online nomination/sponsorship form before you may apply for the visa.

4. Submit the online application for the relevant visa category.

5. Send the required information and supporting materials with your application.

6. Pay the application fee necessary to process your visa.

The price of your work visa is entirely dependent on the type of visa you have selected to apply for. Periodic adjustments are feasible. As a result, if you apply for a visa after examining it, the charge can have altered by the time it gets to the authorities. You can click on each specific visa category to see the current price.

How do I submit a working visa application?

Here is a simple guide that will walk you through the process of obtaining a working visa for Australia:

Step 1: Determine the kind of Work Visa you are eligible for

Step 2: Verify that you are eligible for a Working Visa by meeting the Skill select requirements.

Step 3: Before applying for the visa, you can use, make sure your company completes an online nomination/sponsorship form.

Step 4: Complete the visa category application form.

Step 5: Submit your application along with any pertinent information and supporting documentation.

Step 6: Pay your application money in order to process your visa

Australian Post-Study Work Visa Requirements

In order to replace the Australian Skilled Workers Visa, the Australian government introduced the Skilled Migration General Program (Skill select) in 2013. In order to pick immigrants with the appropriate skills, Skill select was created to evaluate applicants' talents using a point system. The following eligibility requirements for obtaining a working visa in Australia determine how many points applicants receive:

- Bachelor's degree from an Australian university, or at least a bachelor's certificate from another school from a recognized board - 15 Points

- An Australian university diploma or vocational certification is worth 10 points.

- Research-based master's or doctoral degree from an Australian university, earned after at least two academic years - 5 Points

- Ph.D. from an Australian university or similar school of higher learning from a reputable board - 20 Points

- Obtaining certification or honor relevant to the job - 10 Points


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