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8 Best study abroad programs for Indian students

8 Best study abroad programs for Indian students

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel and advance your academic career both come with studying abroad. The greatest study abroad options for Indian students strikes a compromise between the standard of instruction, the cost, the accessibility of the visa application process, and the exceptional post-program chances.

The following study abroad programs make sure that participants have a wide range of post-graduation employment alternatives, excellent marketability, and opportunities for global networking. Check out the top 8 programs recommended for Indian students interested in studying abroad by reading on. For a Dubai study visa, do contact Swis Immigration.

1. Best opportunities for internships: London CAPA

   Location: United Kingdom, London

Highlights of the program CAPA London offers study abroad programs in a variety of fields, including business, theatre, cinema, the arts, and more. These programs combine the opportunity to expand one's field of study with the chance to obtain real-world experience through an internship. Study in Dubai is an amazing opportunity for Indian students.

The UK takes great pleasure in its long history of elite educational institutions. Internationally acclaimed universities in the U.K. are well known for their top-notch instruction, simple career paths, variety of societies, possibility to work while studying, substantial scholarships, and cross-cultural interaction.

As of mid-2019, around 22,000 Indian nationals were studying in the UK. For programs lasting less than six months, Indian citizens should apply for the Standard Visitor visa. The government claims that 96% of Indians who applied for visas were successful.

To develop one's independence overseas, CAPA London: Study & Intern Abroad is the best option; they provide strong student assistance, including sponsored insurance, shared apartments and homestays, and guided trips to places like Stonehenge and Bath, among other things.


CAPA London: Study & Intern Abroad is a program.

The Global Education Network is a CAPA provider.

Location: England

2. Best connections for business: Location of Berkeley has a Global Access Program: Berkeley, California, USA

Featured in the program: The Berkeley Haas Global Access Program offers participants the unique chance to tour prestigious Silicon Valley and Bay Area businesses, such as LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey, and Salesforce. Haas members also have access to additional benefits like career advice, substantial networking opportunities, and cohort meals.

Despite not always being the friendliest to foreign visitors, the United States is a top location for high-quality education. Fortunately, getting a student visa is simpler than getting citizenship, thus during the 2019–2020 academic year, 1,075,496 international students studied abroad in the United States.

Indians were the second-highest represented nationality. Indians must apply for either an F, M, or J visa in order to study in the United States. The Berkeley Haas Global Access Program is a hive of cutting-edge study, a lot of extracurriculars, and great networking opportunities.


Service Provider: Berkeley Haas Global Access Program United States of America is the location worldwide.

Starting Cost: US$21,900.00 

3. Most cost-effective: Lüneburg, USAC

(Luneburg, Germany)

The academic year, the summer program, or a semester Highlights: Students at USAC Lüneburg can enroll in English or German (beginner, intermediate, advanced) courses spanning political science, economics, literature, and anthropology, among other subjects, in this historic city with more than a thousand years of history. For more details on a Dubai study visa, contact Swis Immigration.

Germany is one of the greatest studies abroad countries for anyone on a tight budget and looking for linguistic difficulties. Germany, known as the "birthplace of research institutions," promotes high-quality education, as evidenced by the fact that public universities there offer free tuition to both domestic and foreign students.

Despite the low semester costs that some universities impose, these fees sometimes come with financial benefits throughout the host city, like free public transit and discounted admission to cultural institutions.

It is not necessary to know German in order to pursue an international education, although learning the language might be helpful in getting internships and employment prospects. Germany has a low percentage of student visa denial for Indian students despite its somewhat onerous visa application process.

Students enrolled in programs lasting less than six months must apply for a German Student visa; those enrolled in programs lasting more than six months must obtain a D visa.

For a variety of students looking for short- or long-term study abroad possibilities, USAC Lüneburg is the best option. Students also receive a bus pass, a language partner, and plans for cultural outings to nearby cities in addition to the study. Through USAC, direct enrollment and internships are offered.


Program: German Language, European, and Sustainability Studies in Lüneburg, Germany Provider: USAC Location: Germany

4. HEC Montreal, best for language immersion

Location: Canada, Montreal

Duration: Four weeks, with the opportunity to continue into a semester of study

Featured in the program: The Business French program at HEC Montreal combines afternoon sociocultural excursions in a city with over 100 ethnocultural communities with morning-recognized French classes (beginning, intermediate, and advanced). Students can learn professional French for business while networking with other students from across the world in a welcoming city.

Canada, one of the safest nations in the world, has seen a rise in the number of Indian students studying abroad over the years. India sent 172,625 students to Canada in 2018, a 127% rise from the previous two years.

The number of visa rejections has risen alongside the sharp rise of Indian students studying in Canada over the years. Those who want to successfully apply for a student visa must be attentive and adhere to all guidelines exactly. Prior to traveling to Canada, international students must get study permission.

Canada is a great place to study abroad because of its high level of living, prodigious academic reputation, ability to work while enrolled in school, and famous immigration prospects after graduation. The Business French Summer School at HEC Montreal is located in the second-largest student hub in North America, a UNESCO City of Design.

Details of the French & Business Summer Program at HEC in Montreal

He Montreal as a service

Location: Canada

Price Range: $1,400.00 USD 

5. Best for fashion and design

Place: Singapore

Featured in the program: Students at will learn how to draught, sew, produce, and market a range of clothing by turning ideas into fabrics in their hands. The footwear initiative is a joint venture with the renowned Arsutoria.

The greenest city in Asia, Singapore is also the safest, has the best schools, and is a center for international trade. Singapore recognizes English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil as its four official languages. Singapore is known for its excellent business management programs because it is the world's financial center, but it can also be a unique and innovative place to study abroad. Indian nationals studying in Singapore will require a student pass, which is referred to as a student visa there.

For students hoping to start or advance their fashion adventures, the Textile and Fashion Industry Training Center is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Study international fashion design in Singapore and Malaysia, according to the program

Provider: Training Center for the Textile and Fashion Industry

Location: Several Nations

beginning at $2,200.00 USD

6. Auckland University of Technology is the best for finding post-graduate employment.

Auckland, New Zealand is the location.

Duration: Academic Year, Summer, and Semester

Highlights of the program include: Auckland University of Technology students are permitted to work while obtaining their degrees, and those who have earned their degrees are qualified to work in the nation for three years after graduation.

New Zealand is a popular choice for Indian students looking to study abroad because it provides high-quality education, a secure environment, adventurous sports, and a tranquil mix of city and rural living. A student visa must be obtained by students. However, it is in the best interest of applicants to apply as soon as they receive an offer of admission because visas are typically processed within thirty days.

Over half of the teachers at AUT University are foreign-born, and there have been students there from 140 different nations. AUT University is among the top 1% of universities worldwide and ranks first in the country for its global viewpoint.


Program: Study Abroad at New Zealand's AUT University

Auckland University of Technology, Inc. (AUT)

Place: New Zealand

7. Hutong School is the best for personalized instruction.

the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chongqing, or Zhengzhou

Featured in the program: The short-duration option of the Hutong School's programs will be advantageous to those who may be hesitant to devote a significant amount of time to studying overseas.

The interchange of educational ideas between China and India has persisted over millennia, despite being contentious due to recent border disputes and the recent ban on Chinese apps.

A total of 23,000 Indian students studying in China in 2019, 21,000 of whom chose to study medicine. China offers two different types of student visas: X1 for programs lasting longer than six months and valid for up to five years with multiple entries; X2 for courses lasting less than six months and normally awarded on a single entry.

Hutong School is a licensed HSK language facility that offers flexible programming, small classes (4–8 students), free tutoring, and individualized Mandarin instruction. China may become a second home for students who want to experience the emergence of the dragon and who are looking for a linguistic challenge in learning a new language.


Program: Study Chinese in China at Hutong School

the Hutong School

Location: China

Starting Cost: US$881.00 

8. Cultural immersion at its best Sharjah's American University

Location: United Arab Emirates, Sharjah

Program Highlights: The American University of Sharjah is a haven for international students from 90 different nations and offers approved American-style education. There are 22 athletic teams on campus, including a cricket team. Students can visit and get Dubai study visa and downtown Sharjah without having to worry about missing class because they are both close by.

The United Arab Emirates, which is home to the tallest skyscraper in the world (the Burj Khalifa), is a great choice for students looking for a study abroad experience that is both geographically accessible and culturally diverse. The United Arab Emirates has experienced an increase in Indian students over the years due to its outstanding architectural wonders, booming tourism sector, and prehistoric anthropological records. Indian nationals are required to apply for a student visa; recently, outstanding students have been given five-year permits.

The center of Sharjah, which UNESCO designated as the 2019 World Book Capital, is 20 minutes from the American University of Sharjah. 


Study Abroad Program: American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

American University of Sharjah

The United Arab Emirates is the place.

Initial Cost: $10,000.00 USD

The chance of a lifetime for many is the ability to study abroad. You'll get to meet people from all over the world, form relationships, discover an area of the world that is different from your own, and learn a new language in addition to getting a top-notch education. Study in Dubai could be the best option for Indian students. While the availability of visas is a crucial factor for many students, there are fortunately several of possibilities for Indian students who want to study abroad.

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