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5 best ways of coming to Canada Immigration in 2022

5 best ways of coming to Canada Immigration in 2022

The country of Canada has recently come up with a welcoming immigration policy. In lieu of this, you could now immigrate to Canada in a smooth and streamlined way. Canada is always looking forward to adding new permanent residents to the Country. With labour shortages and bringing the economy on higher ground, the immigrate to Canada programs could be positive.

In a report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, released in December, almost 55% of small businesses are unable to recruit staff and are in need of workers to fulfil demands. This is a definite challenge that the country faces. Bringing in a huge influx of foreign nationals thus helps curb the issue. With so many opportunities in the country, foreign nationals are seeking to gain permanent residency here.

So let us discuss the different ways to immigrate to Canada and furthermore for permanent residency.

1. Express entry

This is one of the most probable ways to immigrate to Canada. Under this system, the country receives applications online. An online profile called the Expression of interest needs to be submitted by all the eligible candidates. These profiles are analyzed and ranked among others according to the CRS points. CRS is a Comprehensive Ranking System which has over six factors which award points. The highest-ranked candidates are usually considered for permanent residence. Once the ITA (Invitation to Apply) comes through, candidates need to submit the full application and pay the processing fees.

2. Provincial Nominee Program

Yet another pathway to immigrate to Canada. The country operates a two-tiered system for immigration in all its provinces and Ottawa. These are openings for skilled workers, federal and provincial levels too included. Through the PNP there are nominations received from all the ten provinces and territories for skilled worker candidates. The successful candidates are provided with provincial or territorial nominations that can help in applying for Canadian Permanent residence.

3.      Start -up Visa Program

This is an amazing opportunity for all the investors to immigrate to Canada. Under this program, there is CanadianPermanent residence granted to investors and business owners. Recruitment of entrepreneurs to Canada and helping them set up their business increases the economic growth of the country. There is a requirement of maintaining a set amount of funds that the entrepreneur will be investing Like for example, a venture capital fund should be investing more or less $200,000.

4.      Study Permit

Canada has been the most sought-after country for education all across the World. The strong infrastructure, on-point curriculum, and amazing campuses have been regarded as the factors for hype. The Hallmarked Canadian institutions lead to increasing needs for Canada Student Visa and PR. With Swis immigration, the immigrate to Canada could no longer be a problem.

The reasons to study in Canada are manifold. Affordable world-class education, research opportunities, easy immigration, and a better lifestyle are just to name a few. With Swis immigration we provide every visa requirement and legal documents necessary for the processing. There are multiple ways for international students to get permanent residency. Application for a post-graduation study permit could be an option. Or even applying through the express entry system.

Here is a list of some general requirements for your visa application.

  • A valid passport
  • 10thand 12th attested copies
  • Academic references preferably 2
  • Employer References preferable 2
  • Statement of Purpose- SOP
  • Certificates of any other achievement like extracurricular
  • Acceptance letter of the institution
  • Proof of the payment made
  • Proof of financial funding
  • Photographs
  • Study permit and visa
  • English proficiency and tests
  • Any other document the university deems necessary

With multiple options like on-campus work permits, off-campus work permits, and internship programs you could apply to immigrate to Canada. Upon graduation, a foreign student may apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. Under this program, the work permit may be issued for the length of the study program, up to a maximum of three years.

5.      Post-graduation Work permit

This is yet another way to immigrate to Canada. With work experience gained in the country as an international graduate student, you could apply for permanent residency as the experience would be counted. With new policies, there is an extension even in the post-graduation work permit’s validity.

Your application is assessed on a point-based system under multiple factors. Understanding these could help improve them, and thereby increasing chances for the same. There are over six selection factors that influence the eligibility of the candidates as per the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). These factors are assessed and scored to add their profiles for further assessment. Ranking based on a Comprehensive ranking system is co

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