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5 Best part time job in Canada

5 Best part time job in Canada

Getting a part-time job can make all the difference if you're a student seeking to generate a little more money. The finest paying part-time jobs in Canada, including those for students, have been collated in a list by our team. In order to make your living in Canada secure and simple, we'll demonstrate how to obtain a study permit for the country and the greatest side employment.

1. Freelancer

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of freelance works has increased. You may earn money from home and on your own schedule by working through freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr. One of the best-paying part-time occupations in Canada is freelancing, where many people make more than $25 per hour.

You can choose your clients and establish your own hours. You'll be able to do the assignment while working from home and around your schedule.

As you'll be doing paid work with actual people, working online might help you establish the groundwork for your future job and gain experience.Building a clientele, however, is difficult, especially at first. The amount of money you can make as a freelancer is inconsistent.

To sell on the freelancer marketplace, you need the necessary skills. Generally speaking, content writers, site & graphic designers, and translators are the freelancers in-demand the most.Before you get started, consider the following advice:Create profiles as soon as you can on various websites.

-Make sure to respond to every job posting that you believe you can handle.
- Be tolerant and patient.
-Have a body of work to show prospective customers that you are capable.

2. Sales Representative

One of the easiest and best earning part-time jobs for students is working as a sales assistant since it offers stability that freelancing lacks. If you're a student, this is a good place to find your first part-time work in Canada.

In retail, there are constantly open positions. Programs at several colleges are intended to help campus businesses hire overseas students. The work is more stable because it typically includes a commission along with a weekly or monthly salary. Additionally, it aids in the development of specialty skills like customer service, language, and sales. Additionally, the job could be fairly simple depending on where you work.

When compared to freelancing, the hours are less flexible. Normally, shifts are assigned based on your availability. Additionally, you'll have to cope with picky clients.You should consider a few things before looking for work as a sales assistant. There's a strong possibility you can find work on campus if you're a student, so search your college job portal.

3. Server

Serving in a restaurant, bar, or café is among the highest paying options for student part-time employment. The positions are typically simple to obtain, and frequently no prior experience is necessary to operate as a server.

There is usually a base salary, but tips will make up the majority of your revenue. In Canada, the typical gratuity is between 15 and 20 percent of the total bill. You can request to work at a specific time of the week or switch up your shifts as long as you notify your employer enough in advance.

Since you are an employee of a company, you must adhere to their schedule. If you work at a bar or nightclub, there can be a lot of late nights. Since the base compensation is usually low, you must rely on the tips from such clients. Good English and French are frequently needed while working with customers. Burnout might result from the chaotic nature of the service environment.

Some tips to excel with server jobs are:

- Start working in smaller establishment if you are just starting off.
- It will be great to start within your campus grounds or local area for further adjustments.
- Get to know your co-worker community and work with them side by side.

4. Sharing rides

Are you an adult? Do you have a working phone, a dependable car, and a valid driver's license? Then, you have a great chance of landing one of Canada's best paying part-time jobs: ride sharing with organizations like Uber and Lyft.

You can set your own hours, much like a freelancer. Depending on how hard you work, it might be financially rewarding. Through this job, you can get to know the people and neighborhoods of your new city.But it might take some time. People frequently burn out attempting to get the most rides per day because work is never-ending.

- Get your language skills brushed up for better communication with customers
- Start slow and keep adding on more rides once you are mentally and physically prepared for it
- Start at a multiple hub place like airports where you are constantly in need.


Tutoring is one of the best-paying temporary positions available to students. You can work as a tutor on campus or at a local school. Typically, you'll pursue the job route of your choice. You can choose your own hours if you work as a freelance instructor for one-on-one students. This route can be quite profitable without taking a lot of time.

It can take a lot of time and energy to prepare for classes and grade assignments. If you teach a class, you must also align your hours with the schedule. If not, you'll have to work with the student's availability. Your success is determined by the outcomes you achieve from the students. You must also have a track record that has been verified.

- You could often apply for a tutor role through your own institution or your own local agency
- Always teach the subject that you know
- If teaching publicly is hard for you, start small with one- on -one tutoring.

Part-time employment is allowed for international students. They must have a current study permit, be registered at a DLI, be engaged in a secondary-level vocational programmer in Quebec, or be registered in a professional training programmer lasting at least six months. You'll require a work visa if you're not a student.

International students are well-known to be welcomed in immigrate to Canada. As a result, there are numerous part-time job options for foreign nationals in all major cities. Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Burnaby are the best cities for finding a job.

To apply for the majority of established jobs, make sure you have your Social Insurance Number (SIN), a resume, and a cover letter. On-campus employment frequently has requirements that must be met.

However, server and retail jobs usually only need an interview and some form of identification.When you arrive in a new country and have to balance work with your other responsibilities, finding a way to make money on the side can make all the difference.

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