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5 Best part time job in Canada

5 Best part time job in Canada

Canada is the top priority for studying, nowadays every student wants to study in Canada because of ample merits which are provided by the  Canadian government for their students as well as international students also.

No doubt that Canada nation is a developed nation in many fields just because of their handwork as well as their people's smart work.  

According to the Canadian study permit laws holder work up to 20 hours per week and this is mandatory for all the students.

And the good news is that there are a lot of highest-paying jobs for international students in Canada.

So here are some of the top 5 best part-time jobs in Canada:

1 Freelancer

2 Teacher’s assistant

3Ridesharing driver/ Taxi driver

4 Nanny

5 Server/Bartender

Here we come to first:


it is a free website for all those students who want to work from home. There is ample work easily provided there.

In Canada, students can work as freelancer content writers, web designers, and graphic designers and there are many more part-time jobs in Canada.

if students have any knowledge about any field they get to earn money with the help of freelancers and the job will get help students to fulfill the demands of Canadian permanent residency. 

Students can easily earn 20-25$ per hour.

Teacher’s assistant:

Teaching is also the way to earn money for any jobseekers because there are many types of languages and fieldwork if students have any experience in teaching or even just have a small experience in any educational subjects they earn money a lot of teachers hire teacher assistants for their helping like for making notes, creating lesson plans, etc.

Moreover, the average pay is around 15-18$ per hour and that’s a flexible price.

It's a fact that many students have a hobby of driving a car. Then this job is for that one because it is one of the best part-time jobs in Canada.


Ridesharing driver/ Taxi driver:

It's a fact that many students have a hobby of driving a car. Then this job is for that one because it is one of the best part-time jobs in Canada.
A popular part-time job which is very famous and every international student familiar with this job in Canada is to become an Uber or truck driver. For this, there are some requirements such as a Driving license, a Residence address, and a Mobile number.
International students easily earn 20-25 $ per hour.


Nanny is the best job for those who love to spend time with children and also enjoying their company to take care of them.

In the present fast-moving time ever individuals stuck with their professional work and many more because of this they don’t have time to take care of their child that why they hire a nanny for taking care of their children.
It is also the best part-time job for international students and it's up to  16-18$ per hour.


Many international students choose to work in this field because of many merits some are:
earn extra bucks
improvement in communication skills 
increase their confidence level
to learn how to deal with situations
and this is the will to overall personality development
and there are lots of other part-time jobs in Canada immigrants. For more details contact

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