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The team of SWIS Immigration Services is headed by him. He is in Canada for more than 10 years. His earlier 7 years of experience in business were an ideal foundation to handle complicated immigration matters. Before coming to Canada, he studied in England and also worked in Italy and the USA. These experiences gave him solid knowledge and provided sound base in his business endeavor. His attention to detail and accuracy under pressure and conservative behavior in the complex situation are the hallmarks of his popularity with clients. His capability, furthermore, supported by his team of administrative, technical, and marketing specialists are setting new standards of service in teamwork and follow-through methods in building excellent lifetime relationships with the expanding client base.

Swis Immigration team provides immigration services to Canada throughout the world. Here, the immigration assessment is being done thoroughly. We provide services to Canadians that are looking forward to bringing their friends and families to Canada as well as we also assist enterprises ranging from small to big, with regard to bringing temporary foreign workers and partners in business with the Business Immigration Program.