Why Choose SWIS?

SWIS prides itself in offering clients a bilingual service, with staff fluent in English, Mandarin.


Deciding to immigrate to Canada is one of the most important decisions our clients make in their life. Over the last 10 years, the owner of Swishas worked with over thousands immigrants, helping them to relocate to Canada as permanent residence, temporary workers, and students.


In addition to the Canadian Federal Government's immigration programs, each province offers their own immigration programs. There are programs that give fast track to one type of immigrant, while other programs give preferential treatment to others. It is often faster and easier to come as a Temporary Foreign Worker, and convert to a Permanent Resident at a later date. For many, there is the important issue of having your credentials recognized in Canada. Which program to select and how to go about it is often the most important choice made in deciding to immigrate to Canada. With 40+ programs to choice from, it is very difficult for the average immigrant to know which program and which location best suits them. Swisprides itself on being able to work with all programs in Canada and being able to help our clients pick the right program that suits them best.


Potential newcomers to Canada can submit an application on their own, but chances of success are higher if you are represented by a qualified Canadian immigration professional. Immigration offices have very particularly requirements (often changing from one office to another, from one province to another). If these requirements are not fully met, it is likely that this will cause a delay (at a minimum) or may even result in a refusal of the application.


It is true that many applications which are not prepared to our high standard are still approved, but a perfected application is dealt with significantly faster than an application that contains even one error. With our systems and experience, we offer clients applications that can often be approved faster than the average speed as posted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


We are all experts in our own area. Most immigrants apply for immigration only once - their own. If they do the application themselves, they never know if they have missed an important document, or completed a form slightly wrong (the same worries will be with you if you choice an unlicensed or inexperienced advisor). By using Swisour clients know that they have hired a reputable and knowledgeable firm, who will ensure that all procedures are properly followed, documents are complete, and forms properly filled out.


We are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and Canadian provinces, to represent you in your application to come to Canada. SWIS representatives are members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants.

Our skillset

Student Visa 95% Complete (success)
Business Visa 95% Complete (success)
Canadian Provincial Nominee Program 90% Complete (success)

Meet The Team

Ajit Pal Singh
Founder & CEO

The team of SWIS Immigration Services is headed by him. He is in Canada for more than 10 years. His earlier 7 years of experiece in business were an ideal foundation to handle complicated immigration matters. Before coming to Canada, he studied in England and also worked in Italy and USA. These experiences gave him solid knowledge and provided sound base in his business endeavor. His attention to detail and accuracy under pressure and conservative behaviour in complex situation are the hallmarks of his popularity with clients. His capability, furthermore, supported by his team of administrative, technical and marketing specialists are setting new standards of service in team work and follow through methods in building excellent life time relationships with the expanding client base.

Sandeep Kaur
Key Member

She is another key member of team, who practiced as a lawyer in Session Court, Jalandhar and in Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh for about 5 years. She did Diploma in Immigration Law from Ashton College, Vancouver. Her experience in the field of immigration is an asset to the organisation.

Sumeet Pal Singh
Team Member

Sumeet Pal Singh is our key team member. After completed his study of Law, he practiced as a lawyer for 4 years in India and now he is working for the success of swis immigration. His knowledge is assets to company.

Anjana Kumar
Sports Consultant

Anajana Kumar a research scholar of International Olympic academy, Ethens Greece is key person behind success of sports trips. She has a crown to work as project officer in commonwealth games held in Delhi, India 2010. At SWIS she is the key person to take care of all inquiries related to the sports tour being organized by SWIS to help support players and coach.

Angrez Angurana
Administrative Support

Angrez Angurana has joined the Swis Immigratation as Administrative Support. His role is to assist with admisnitrative work and enquiries in relation to company.

India Branch

We are authorized by Bureau of Immigration (India) License No. 354/MC-1/MA. We have full authorizations to control the process of any kind of Immigratation matter.

Gurpiar Singh
Branch Head

Gurpiar Singh is the Vice Chairman of SWIS Immigratation Services, he controls the working of India Branch which deals with every Immigration matter. He has been in this field for 4 years, his experience from past years help him in handling complicated Immigration matters. He employs passion, dedication and great attention to detail into his daily.

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